Everything that we give the sea ...
 Summer, vacation, sea - these concepts have almost inextricably linked, and although there are many other attractive places to stay, almost everyone tries to allocate at least a week, that would hold it at a particular seaside. This is not surprising, moreover, that the ocean - cradle of life and draws us to the memory of the genes, the sea (the sea and all of the world's oceans) - an inexhaustible source of all kinds of substances that help maintain the beauty and health.

For good reason, Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess eternally young love and beauty, was born from the snow-white sea foam. Sea water, plankton, algae, mud, shells - they all contain a lot of natural ingredients that we need. It - mineral salts, trace elements, amino acids, vitamins, chlorophyll and much more.

Not to mention how tasty and healthy edible inhabitants of the underwater world: fish, crabs, shrimp, squid, clams! They - an excellent source of iodine, calcium, phosphorus, polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omega 3 and Omega 6), vitamins A and D, and other useful substances.

Sea water - salty and healing
The seawater, which contains almost the entire periodic table, is a unique natural tonic and balm that smoothes the skin and enriches it with nutrients and minerals. So a dip in the sea, do not rush to wash off the sea water from the body after a bath, leave it for a couple of hours, a little body with a towel soaked to water droplets on the skin did not play the role of solar lenses. Well, where else will you find such a great and easy-to-use mask, which contains iodine, bromine, iron, calcium, magnesium, selenium, as well as dissolved organic compounds - polysaccharides, various fatty acids, amino acids, alginic acid, vitamins, enzymes and plant hormones. Sea water has beneficial effects on metabolism, blood circulation, activates the process of renewal of blood, removes toxins from the body. Minerals seawater strengthen, nourish the hair, skin and nails.

 Everything that we give the sea ...
   Swimming in the sea is useful not only due to the composition of sea water, in the end, the sea water in the pool and you can fill, and even in the bath to dissolve the sachet of sea salt. Swimming in the sea waves - it is also a natural massage, and useful to strengthen the muscles and to increase the elasticity of the skin and to improve the work of the internal organs, and to reduce the appearance of cellulite. And of excess weight can be eliminated!

After swimming in the sea is a good idea to lie on the golden sand sea, of course, after making sure it is clean. The fine sand of the sea is a natural exfoliation which removes dead skin particles of the epidermis. And even walk barefoot in the sand and shallow sea pebbles - they are great massage sole, sand warms the feet and joints, according to some healers, takes the negative energy and contributes to the overall improvement of the body.

 Everything that we give the sea ...
 Inhaling the aroma of the sea ...
The sea air - a real "sea cocktail" saturated salts (iodine, bromine, sodium), volatile production of algae and flavors of coastal vegetation. Beneficial and calming effect on the nervous system, he, as well as a unique medicine for the treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

But this benefit is not limited to the sea air. Our body perceives not only the air breathing, and all exposed areas. Absorption of mineral constituents of sea air helps to regenerate cells and maintain normal intracellular pressure, which is important for slowing the aging process, improve skin elasticity.

So, from this point of view, extremely useful morning and evening walks along the coast as far as the nude, especially if the sea excitement or after the last storm, when the concentration of nutrients in the sea air max.

Marine vegetation is unique - all that is needed for the life of her, she is actively absorbed from the seawater. It is not surprising that the composition of the algae enters almost the same set of essential amino acids, plant hormones, vitamins, minerals (potassium, silicon, sodium, calcium, magnesium and so forth.), As in seawater. Seaweed is a very popular procedure in the resorts. Treatment of Algae - alginoterapiya shown to all who want to improve the tone of the skin, make it more smooth and healthy.

Of course, wander along the beach, collecting seaweed and wrapped around them, probably not worth it, this is unlikely to be very effective, especially if your vacation takes place somewhere on the Black Sea coast. Unfortunately, in the Black Sea, the relatively poor flora, and despite the fact that the algae in the Black Sea more than 250 species, among them those that are common to use in cosmetic and medicinal purposes. However, there are several species of edible seaweed, such as nice, gentle structure Ulvi algae, it is also called sea lettuce (not cabbage!).

The most valuable from the point of view of cosmetic seaweed - kelp, fucus - live in very different waters. Kelp grows at the Asian Pacific coast (from the Sea of ​​Okhotsk to the shores of Korea), fucus - in the shallow waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Northern and Western part of the Baltic Sea and the Pacific Ocean. But to undergo treatments with these wonderful marine plants can be in any resort SPA-center, and it is worth making, especially those who are concerned about cellulite and stretch marks on the skin.

 Everything that we give the sea ...
 Kelp   or seaweed, which is most commonly used for wrapping, refers to the brown algae contain 60 different vitamins and minerals that promote retention of moisture and, tone and initiate the exchange of substances on the surface of the skin, and in its deep layers.

Another representative of kelp - fucus . His remarkable quality - not to succumb to the harmful effects of oil, and even though their presence in sea water does not lose its beneficial properties.

 Everything that we give the sea ...
 Drugs with Bladder stimulates the thyroid gland, hypothyroidism warns, improve mental and physical performance, and improve intestinal function and accelerate the fight against obesity, as the increase of fat and cholesterol metabolism, prevent blood clots, prevent hair loss and skin aging. Fucus is effective as additives in creams, masks, serums - it optimizes the skin cells and tones the epidermis, maintains its elasticity. It is popular as a means to focus and to normalize weight.

Because kelp gain valuable alginic acid powder, which dissolves in water and forms a viscous solution. It is often used as a thickener in food products, pharmaceuticals, and also in cosmetic creams and masks.

Actively used in cosmetics and lake blue-green algae Spirulina , Living in Africa and Central America, as well as specially grown in the lakes of China and India.

 Everything that we give the sea ...
 Marine mollusks, crabs, corals, pearls ...
The magical world of the oceans and seas is inexhaustible - in addition to water, air, algae, it should be mentioned, and perhaps less popular, but no less effective his gifts - barnacles, corals, plankton. All of these marine components find their use in the beauty industry. Marine plankton   often introduced in the anti-cellulite, it is rich in alginates, minerals, has moisturizing, stimulating and regenerating properties, improves blood circulation.

From seashells   make powder for dermabrasion. Crushed Corals   are used in peeling. Powder nacre   - Component powders and lotions for the body, giving radiance. In Arab countries, this fine powder of natural pearl used to protect the skin from sunburn. Pearl powder, which is a crushed natural pearls are used for bleaching and strengthen teeth as biologically active food supplements, as well as to treat skin inflammations, burns, faster wound healing, etc. On the basis of pearl powder made of pearl creams, anti-aging skin and improve its elasticity.

 Everything that we give the sea ...
 From the shell of the Far Eastern and Alaskan crab, scientists learned to extract an extremely valuable component Chitosan , Which is then identified specific oligosaccharides - these bioactive substances have called medicine of the XXI century. Due to the large number of active binding sites of chitosan oligosaccharide able to take over and rid the body of toxins, radioactive substances, as well as excess fat. Additionally, they are "run" of the immune response, to have antitumor activity, lower blood cholesterol levels. Chitosan is used as a means of healing and protivoozhogovoe, found its antibacterial properties. Well, of course, such a valuable component is not left unattended beauticians. Hair Colors, masks, creams, therapeutic and prophylactic agents for hair, skin, nails chitosan are not uncommon.

Of course, to use marine cosmetics, there is no need to go to the sea, however, agree that there is a special charm in her use it on vacation. Moreover, experts do not recommend constant use cosmetics, donated by the sea, so as not to reduce its effectiveness. A maximum of three months, and then, as if you did not like it, will have to replace it with another. So why it is in the summer months do not connect together - sea, air, sea ... and cosmetics!
Author: Olga Travleeva