Fashion for skipping seriously, or hello, jump rope!
 Oh, those fashionable buzzwords: goalkeeper - instead of the usual goalkeeper, the forward - instead of the attacker, an outsider - instead of backward, message of - instead of the message. Skipping seriously, as you've probably guessed, today called all of us are familiar with childhood jumping rope.

What is it about

The notion of skipping seriously emerged from the English "skip", ie jump. Contents as a separate sport category skipping seriously in the early 80s of the 20th century. Today skipping seriously means not only jumping rope, and a broader set of exercises with the use of this simple, inexpensive and compact simulator. Skipping seriously incredibly popular among boxers, volleyball players, wrestlers, swimmers, skaters and people, leading a healthy lifestyle.

Why is

Benefits from employment skipping seriously affects their versatility.

At first , Playing with a skipping rope contribute to weight loss and maintaining muscle tone. Skipping seriously help to make slender legs, get rid of cellulite, tone the thighs, calves, shoulders, arms and abs. Experts say that 15 minutes of intense exercise with a rope rids the body of 200 kilocalories insidious and hateful.

Secondly , Skipping seriously perfectly stimulates the cardiovascular system. By efficiency, according to cardiologists, the rope is not worse than expensive cardio.

Third , Playing with a skipping rope help eliminate toxins from the body and eliminate stagnation in the venous system of the legs.

Fourthly , Jumping rope perfectly develop balance, coordination, flexibility and good posture.

And finally, skipping seriously invigorating, gives a good mood. And it is expensive!

How to choose a rope

Supermarkets, stalls and specialist sports shops offers a wide selection of skipping ropes made of modern materials with ergonomic handles, all kinds of colors. The price of one rope is in the range 1 USD

Fangled innovation in the manufacture of rope, which certainly will appeal to you, - the presence of the mechanical counter on one of the handles. The counter counts the number of steps you have jumping rope. Reset button is provided.

 Fashion for skipping seriously, or hello, jump rope!

When you buy the rope is extremely important for the continued effectiveness of the lessons skipping seriously, properly select its length. To do this, take the rope in the hand (for jumping), stretch your arms in front of you at chest level. If the edge of the rope barely touching the ground, so the length is right for you.

 Fashion for skipping seriously, or hello, jump rope!

How to do it correctly and effectively

At first, jumping rope to perform better in front of a mirror to be able to control the accuracy of their posture and exercise at the same time.

Tip: The secret of correct and aesthetic jumping rope is that the whole body, and even the hand with the need to remain motionless. Smaller rotational movement should be performed only hands. The most common mistake beginners skipping seriously - widely divorced his hands:

 Fashion for skipping seriously, or hello, jump rope!

  That's right - hand to keep as close as possible to the body:

 Fashion for skipping seriously, or hello, jump rope!

When landing from a jump heel should not touch the floor. Comes off the floor leap needed only a couple of centimeters. Rope thus should only lightly touch the ground, otherwise the tempo jumps get delayed.

Before you start jumping need to warm up your muscles, ie, perform a small preview workout .

After warm-up turn to jump .

1. bounces on the ground and land on both feet. One turn of the rope must comply with one jump.

 Fashion for skipping seriously, or hello, jump rope!

2. make the same jumps, but slower, when one turn of the rope corresponds to two jumps.

3. Do the same jump but landed a little to the right, a little to the left of the starting position, as if making a jump to the side.

4. To make the same jumps, but then landed back and forth from the starting position.

5. Now with the jump to land on the divorced legs, the feet, brought together.

6. Alternately bounce, then on the right, then on the left foot, as if running in place.
Hint: it is an exercise allows us to develop the highest speed jumps.

 Fashion for skipping seriously, or hello, jump rope!

7. The same jumping-running in place, but this time the high lift knees to waist level.
Tip: This exercise is very good strengthens abdominal muscles.

 Fashion for skipping seriously, or hello, jump rope!

8. The same exercise can be repeated, twisting the rope is not forward but backward.

9. aerobatic skill in skipping seriously considered during one jump to make two turns of the rope, as well as the alternation of simple jumps leaps with arms crossed, when you need to regroup and jump through the loop of the rope.

 Fashion for skipping seriously, or hello, jump rope!

The optimal number of repetitions of exercises given - 5-10 times each. Over time you can increase the load to 2-3 approach to the entire complex.


People suffering from obesity or heart disease should be carefully selected load when doing skipping seriously and be sure to consult on this matter with your doctor.

Do not interfere when doing skipping seriously orderly and absolutely healthy person, especially if you are in this case - are new. Not Strive at first, gradually increase the load. It's just looking for training professional boxer appears that jump rope simple. Also, look around, so as not to overwhelm the fluttering rope interior. Also, pay attention to what you land. After landing at careless with the jump, you can tuck the leg.

Bonus: interesting facts about skipping seriously

10 minute sessions skipping seriously = 2 miles on the bike
10 minutes skipping seriously lessons = 12 minutes of swimming
10 minute sessions skipping seriously = 2 sets of tennis
10 minute sessions running skipping seriously = 1 mile

I note only that the bike needs capital for the acquisition, storage space and good weather for skiing, swimming requires the cost of subscription to the pool and the free time, tennis requires a court, a partner in the game, and payment activities, jogging need stadium and the weather is good. Rope same relieve you of the above restrictions. So the choice is yours!
Author: Natalia Hryshko