Fictions and the truth about the water that can be consumed without harm to the human body
 - Do not believe me, you can try to water the flowers in the house only boiled water. Look at what they are discouraged to come soon. Or, try your cat drink boiled water. You will see that happen with his teeth. You will get acquainted with the profession as a cat dentist - confidently stated at the other end of the room someone's female voice.

Involuntarily, I looked up from the desktop monitor. It turned out that the opposite table opened the current bank account of the director of the municipal utility's "Water".

- And what is the water then you recommend to drink? - I could not stand it and wedged into a monologue, we can say, number one specialist in the water in this big city.

- A drinking water can be tap water or well, but passed through the filter. This water is the safest and most useful for the organism.

Frankly, such a response I'm not entirely satisfied, because disappointing to illustrate the consequences of drinking unboiled water can be viewed, "googled" the phrase "Intestinal infections." In addition, remaining in the kettle after boiling the scum even filtered water, raises many questions about the effectiveness of the filter for the water itself.

So let's deal with, what kind of water you can drink without fear for their health, and most importantly, the health of our children.

There is a number of myths about how to purify water at home. Someone recommends getting potable water by freezing normal water in plastic bottles. Ostensibly meltwater after a pre-frozen and will be the most that neither is helpful. This is considered the most "correct" the first meltwater. Wait for complete melting of the ice from the walls of a flask and drink it is not recommended. All this for the most part - error. Ice crystals, thanks to its special structure, replacing both useful and harmful substances. As a result, we get after defrosting is absolutely useless to the body product.

 Fictions and the truth about the water that can be consumed without harm to the human body
   Also today there are still people who sympathize with the legends that silver spoon placed in a glass of water, able to purify the water and make fit for human consumption. Still alive and still a myth that a small amount of baptismal water added to the flow, also miraculously cleanses it from harmful elements.

Even in familiar from childhood fairy tales often referred to the "live" and "dead" water. Actually, this gradation is applicable to water in modern real life. "Live" water - water from open sources, artesian wells, retaining its natural composition. The water from the tap to the boil too, can be roughly classified as "live". The chlorination process of running water in the city water system is designed to destroy it dangerous for the human body parasites. Experts say that the defense of the water from the tap leads to volatilization of it chlorine and filtration purifies water from anything harmful, can not cope with than chlorine: heavy metals, rust, etc.

By "dead" also include the water boiled water. It argued that the parasites are killed in such water and all the minerals, salts that are so necessary for normal functioning of living organisms. "Dead" water is completely unsuitable for watering houseplants, since it leads to the accumulation in soil of lime and salt deposits that hinder the development of domestic flowers. Not recommended "dead" water and filling aquariums, humidifiers, home fountains, storage of cut flowers, filling bays for stripping in household irons. It is "dead" water has a higher stiffness than makes inefficient washing hair. Also, a "dead" water imparts an unpleasant taste of brewed coffee or tea, and forms on the surface of suspicious greasy film.

Furthermore, it is believed that when re-boiling water is increased proportion of heavy water in the liquid, which in turn is dangerous to health.

Also, experts point out that running tap water undrinkable, even after boiling (!). After refluxing with chlorine reacts with various organic compounds, resulting in formation of substances that can cause malignant tumors in humans. In addition, it should be remembered that the same hepatitis A die only at the half-hour continuous reflux, and salts of heavy metals by boiling and are not going anywhere at all.

In addition, any "living" water, whether mineral, bottled, filtered, from a well or from a pump-room, after 3 days it becomes "dead" and requires mandatory boil.

Logic seems to dictate that should be eaten only "living" water. Just where does it take? As a source of "living" water experts recommend buying bottled or imported water from wells.

 Fictions and the truth about the water that can be consumed without harm to the human body
   But it is so obvious that the companies involved in the implementation of bottled or imported, "living" water, it is advantageous to promote harm the flow of water and boiled. This built all of their marketing campaigns. And the average person can easily get hooked on advertising, made on the basis of fashion for a healthy lifestyle. But where did this very layman belief that the proposed him bottled or imported water, typed in an artesian well, not all of the same rusty water pipe? Where is the guarantee? For additives and supplements now can work wonders with the flavor of any products, including water. And the most modest statistics show that on the shelves of our stores 20% of bottled water - fake!

 Fictions and the truth about the water that can be consumed without harm to the human body
 Then there is the home to deliver water from the pump room or wells. Here it is at first glance we protect yourself by entering the water from a trusted source. And what, in fact, tested? You look around this most vaunted source! Yes, around the same mountain municipal waste! Where, in your opinion, all the toxins seeping from its expansion? That's right, in the ground! On the ground where? That's right, in the water that we are pure of heart and full confidence in its purity type in the bottle and drink then boiled form, taking her for a "live".

Then maybe salvation is still in the water filter? Colorful brochures multiple filters, tell us about the miracle, which is able to create a filter with water from the tap: a numerous amount of cleaning stages cleans water from mechanical particles, chlorine and other organic compounds, hold metal salts, etc. etc. As a result, all transfers begs the logical question: what if it is?

The truth about what water can be used, as always, lies in the middle, and within reason. Discard the fanaticism of obtaining "live" water at home using frozen, silver spoons and magical baptismal water.

 Fictions and the truth about the water that can be consumed without harm to the human body
 First, you can use bottled water, but be sure to check its structure.   For continuous use of suitable mineral table bottled water, ie, the salt content of not more than 1g per liter. If the salt content is higher than that, then you are dealing with medical water and the course of its use to better align with the doctor. Otherwise, the excessive use of the latter threatens to gastritis, kidney stones, etc. In addition, the therapeutic mineral water because of the high salt content is very much destroys tooth enamel, which is why it is recommended to drink through a special feeding cup. If the information on the label mineralization PA non-existent, it is better to abandon the purchase of such water.

If you can afford to drink only bottled table water, then give preference to solid producers who value their reputation. Experts recommend from time to time to change the brand of bottled water purchased and be sure to keep track of its expiration date stated on the package.

Practical advice.   To check the quality of bottled water, as an experiment, leave it open for a few days. If on the bottom will be turbidity and light green tint, you have purchased a fake!

 Fictions and the truth about the water that can be consumed without harm to the human body
 Secondly, the water from the tap can drink, but only after prior filtration. It should take into account that domestic coal filters perfectly absorb chlorine compounds make water palatable, but it can not cope with the microbes. Therefore, it is important to ensure the timely replacement of the filter portion.

Unlike charcoal filters, membrane provide full water treatment, but it completely demineralized. In other words, this water is purified and noxious, and from the useful components, and completely useless to the body.

 Fictions and the truth about the water that can be consumed without harm to the human body
 The ideal option is to purchase in addition to the membrane filter mineralizer, which will enrich the purified water with nutrients.

Third, the ideal health drink water from an artesian well If you happen to live near such. But this water is desirable to further purify. This is due to the fact that the systems provide a supply of such water to the surface, typically uncontrolled.

 Fictions and the truth about the water that can be consumed without harm to the human body
 Laboratory studies such water, if carried out, it is extremely rare, and therefore guarantees its safe use is not.

Fourth, drinking water even in the heat better than room temperature Since iced drink can lead to digestive problems, and warm water - to gas.

Bonus for those who want to lose weight and not "grab" for eating extra calories Always before a meal drink a glass of "living" water. So you posposobstvuete eliminate toxins from the body and protect yourself from overeating.

And remember, our body consists of more than half of the water. Consequently, negligent approach to the selection of the water we drink on a daily basis in an amount of 1.5-2 liters, we also neglect the more than half of yourself! The more that scientists suggest that more than 40% of childhood diseases associated with poor-quality water. So let's drink themselves and their children to drink only quality "live" water!
Author: Natalia Hryshko