Home teeth whitening: trends and new rules
 Proper dental care is producing results. And much faster than you think. Find out what new items for the home whitening professional advice. And remind yourself of the rules that preserve and maintain the whiteness of your teeth. Take care of your smile!

- Try bleaching trends. Strips work. But there are more convenient and innovation. For example, the market there was such a novelty - Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep overnight serum   ( Whitening Serum at night ). This is the first serum for the teeth and gums that works while you sleep. Very comfortably! At the same time, and whitens teeth, gums and nourishes.

 Home teeth whitening: trends and new rules

How does it work? Active oxygen returns whiter teeth, you lose over time. The patented technology of "Liquid calcium" restores and strengthens tooth enamel. Vitamin E and oil helps food gums. And most importantly - for daily use.

Use simple. After the evening cleaning the teeth before going to bed to put the serum on your finger (the size of a pea) and rub into the teeth and gums. Do not rinse your mouth until the morning. But if you will be somewhere out of the house, you know that 30 minutes of exposure is enough serum for a small result. Thus, a small tube is enough for a month when using serum once daily.

- Have a rapid bleaching agents. And it's not only the chewing gum. Take in the bag product - Finishing Touch Smile Whitening Pen . It is such a Whitening Pen . Remember, these were on sale brush with whitening composition? This is continuation of the idea, but in a more convenient format. The tool can be used even when toothbrushing is not available. At any place at any time. For example, absent himself to the ladies room after two glasses of red wine, white smile and touch. And the action is rapid bleaching longer than chewing gum.

 Home teeth whitening: trends and new rules

But the novelty-pen can be used just at home, for example, using whenever it is convenient. The manufacturer promises that in only 2 days of application, you will see the difference already. For best results, should refrain from eating and drinking for 30 minutes after application.

- If you use home whitening strips, whitening home remedies others with hydrogen peroxide, it is worth abandon coloring products   not only after going to the dentist for professional bleaching. After home bleaching agents also have peroxide. It opens the pores of the teeth (yes, the enamel has pores), and they become vulnerable to any external influence. So, during bleaching (and salon, and home) banned are: red wine, white wine, black tea, white tea, oolong tea, ketchup, mustard, hot chocolate.

- If you are seriously engaged in home bleaching, then, other than the peroxide, in your arsenal should be other new products. Firstly, this brush. More brushes!   And secondly, Whitening Toothpaste . Toothpaste itself does not whiten, but it can help scrape new spots. This helps the soft abrasive silica ingredient - a novelty for many whitening toothpastes (in English sounds «silica», looking at the composition of new products). Other bleaching ingredient in bleaching pastes - is fluoro. Its concentration should be 0% and 018 above. These two active ingredients have a whitening toothpaste Crest   (on the picture - 3D White Enamel Renewal ).

 Home teeth whitening: trends and new rules

- Take as a rule, at a time when you are bleaching (for example, make a "bleaching week"), the thicket of brush your teeth. Not twice a day, and even after every meal.

- Use special rinses the teeth and mouth before brushing teeth and separate rinse after cleaning . Before cleaning should acquire liquid with active ingredients, such as hydrogen peroxide. Then the action of food residue will be weakened, and cleaning will be more effective. An example of such a conditioner before cleaning - Listerine Whitening Plus Restoring Fluoride Rinse . After use of the liquid dentifrice with fluorine in the composition. This will help prevent tooth decay, even if between the teeth were food particles. Only after this rinse should wait an hour before drinking or eating. During this time, fluorine absorbed in the weakened structure of the teeth and will work to strengthen.

 Home teeth whitening: trends and new rules

- White teeth look whiter still against the backdrop of a healthy pink gums. If you have bleeding gums, it needs to be treated, because the blood stains permanent teeth, making them yellow. When healthy gums quite the same rinse To preserve their natural pink color.

- If you need a quick whitening home remedies that can help here. Before an important event (wedding photos, and so on.) Should be recorded at the dentist Professional Salon Whitening . In interiors peroxide is used at a concentration of 20-35%, and its effect is enhanced by the action of ultraviolet light. While domestic bleaching strips comprise less than 10% peroxide.

- A natural peeling   oral may be not only a chewing gum. For example, hard raw vegetables and fruits, such as apples and carrots, can be attributed to such a natural exfoliation. When we chew them, we have produced more saliva, which washes away the bacteria from the mouth.

- Do not forget about the wonders of makeup. Lipstick with a blue base   It makes teeth look whiter. So we have to give up the coral and orange glow. Whiter teeth emphasize the shades of cherry, wine-colored, berry. In addition, pay attention to the high-gloss finish, matte lipsticks will not do.

 Home teeth whitening: trends and new rules

Author: Vasilisa Cousin