Lip Tattoo
 Have you heard anything about permanent makeup? We will describe in detail about innovations in cosmetology.

Top beauticians are trying to help the woman to be a compelling day and night and in all weather conditions. They select the most effective ways that will transform a woman into a beautiful Cinderella.

One of the unique innovations is a permanent lip makeup (tattooing of lips).

Looking at photos of Angelina Jolie, we present ourselves with such a mouth-watering lips, so we want to make our fantasy turned into reality. And finally realized! To make the desired shape of the lips is enough to visit a beautician and within 2-3 hours transformed our face without the use of a scalpel and other worrisome subjects. Tempting? Of course yes. Let's talk more about the fantastic procedure.

 Lip Tattoo

Lip Tattoo

More details will determine the destiny of procedure tattooing of lips.

With permanent makeup specialist treatments will give your lips: beautiful shape and color. It is necessary to say a few words about the color of the lips. You can pick out any shade of lip, which will be held from 2-5 years. About lipstick can be forgotten at this time. Just think how this method is convenient - you will no longer worry about the lipstick smeared, you do not have permanent lip tint. Your lips will always be irresistible.

If you do not want to paint her lips, but want to have a nice circuit that is fine, such a procedure is.

If you want your lips and purchased a beautiful form and beautiful color - let it to your beautician, you will pick up with the necessary form and the right lip color, depending on skin type.

 Lip Tattoo

How is the procedure tattoo of lips?

Lip tattoo procedure, painless, you will only feel a tingling sensation in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčadministration of the colorant. Painless is achieved by applying to the lips of analgesic ointment.

We assure you that the procedure for specialists will create all conditions so that you yourself feel comfortable. After this procedure will start - the master will gradually introduce a colorant using a special needle.

Safety procedures "tattooing of lips"

Each procedure carries some risk. The same applies permanent makeup lips.

After the procedure slight complication - the appearance of herpes, inflammation. To avoid adverse effects, offers some time prior to the procedure to take anti-inflammatory pills.

After the procedure, a crust forms on the lips and around the mouth may occur a little red - this is normal, after 2-3 days everything will be: the crust subsides, redness pass. For hedging, many masters after the procedure is recommended to lubricate the mouth within 10 days of special ointments.

 Lip Tattoo

Choose a master

As you know, the choice of the master depends on your beauty. So do not rush, think carefully, have a specialist you do permanent makeup lips. Talk to friends and acquaintances, for sure, there is a person who can advise the master.

Tattoo lip - an indispensable procedure for women who want to be beautiful in all conditions. Good luck!
Author: Olga Aksenova