Mirra - Russian cosmetics
 In the 90s imported cosmetics practically replaced with domestic shelves of Russian stores. Currently, the situation in the cosmetic market is changing slowly but surely. Experts estimate that 60% of the total cosmetics market is still occupied by foreign companies, 40% in Russian cosmetic products, which is a very good indicator. In Russia, about 200 companies producing cosmetics, Mirra - one of them.

History and geography
History of the Russian cosmetics Mirra began in Moscow in 1996 at the Centre for Applied Microbiology, which is developing a variety of medical products for military medicine. We started with the release of funds for skin care and nutritional supplements, and in 2004 started the production of cosmetics. Every year the range is expanded geography of production.

Today cosmetics Mirra distributed through distribution networks on the basis of multi-level marketing. Residents of the Russian cities are already familiar with cosmetics Mirra. In addition, the opening of the international offices in different countries, including: Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Turkey, Czech Republic, Estonia, Japan.

Advantages of cosmetics Mirra

• Large range, easy distinction of cosmetic series.

• Use natural and organic ingredients (natural vegetable and essential oils, extracts and juices of plants, seafood, and other bee products.).

• Multi-system testing of raw materials and finished products.

• Application of the method of cold emulsification: the thermal effect on the active components is eliminated, which contributes to the conservation of their natural strength.

• The use of natural ingredients as emulsifiers and preservatives.

• Herbal ingredients included in the cream, are selected in such a way that the natural phytoextracts complement and reinforce each other's action.

• The use of innovative high technologies.

• Products marketed as hypoallergenic.

• Eco-friendly packaging.

 Mirra - Russian cosmetics
 • Stylish and recognizable design.

Big choice
  A wide range of cosmetic products - the undoubted merit. Mirra offers a range of care products for face and body, you can choose the means depending on skin type and age, to solve various problems. The range includes all the tools necessary for a thorough grooming.

- Cleansing, toning, moisturizing, nourishing, regenerating, protective equipment for skin care.
- Care products for problem skin.
- Means for skin care age.
- Anti-aging cosmetics.
- Cosmetics for body skin care, anti-cellulite agents.
- Means for oral care, bath and shower products, hair care products.
- Intimate line.
- Sunscreen.
- Hair care baby skin.
- Means for care of men's skin.

 Mirra - Russian cosmetics

Cosmetics Mirra
Mirra - it is also a good quality cosmetics. Cosmetics was born thanks to the fruitful cooperation with the company Pierre Cardin. For the person company manufactures compact powder, concealer and blush compact. For eye makeup Mirra offers eye shadow, contour pencils (automatic and wood), mascara, eye shadow. Mirra and take care of your lips: in the range of moisturizing and nourishing lipstick, lip gloss.

Mirra helps women to be beautiful and well maintained from top to toe - it's not an exaggeration. Especially for creating the perfect manicure set up a collection of nail polish, Mirra offers a rich color palette. Enhance the color effect will means 2 in 1: it is applied as a base or fixative. The tool is easy to apply, dries quickly, well kept on the nails.

 Mirra - Russian cosmetics

  At the first meeting with cosmetics Mirra can become confused, his eyes just run away - so a lot of various cosmetics. What to look for? Here are a few recommendations.

- The gel was silver   - An effective tool for the care of problem skin. In the gel comprises biologically active substances, essential oils and silver. The gel has a bactericidal effect, compensate for deficiency of essential micronutrients, and normalize the skin, promote local immunity. This gel can hear a lot of positive feedback from women with problem skin.

 Mirra - Russian cosmetics
   - Gold Line (Gold Line)   - This cosmetics is designed for mature skin. Among the components that are used in the production, there are quite exotic: fractions of red and black caviar, as well as sperm DNA of the Arctic salmon. Gold Line provides a full cycle of care for mature skin: cleansing, toning, moisturizing, intensive nutrition and rejuvenation.

- Plasticizer masks   (plastic or modeling masks) have a rapid lifting effect and at the same time solve a variety of skin problems. Masks are powdered mixture of biologically active substances of natural origin. The powder is diluted with water to a pasty mass, and applied to the skin. Plasticizer masks used for face and body.

- Aromakompozitsii women   with essential oils, aphrodisiacs help to reduce tension and create an atmosphere of looseness, improves emotional and thrills, enhances the pleasure of intimacy with a partner. The range of intimate funds from Mirra constantly expanding.

- Solid perfume   - It is a novelty. While in the "hard" perfume collection Mirra all three flavors. Aromas turned bright, fresh, energetic, sensual and exciting. Surely they will appeal to many women.

Numerous prizes, awards, medals and other awards - one more argument in favor of the Russian cosmetics Mirra.
Author: Irina Rukavishnikova