Muscle Stimulation for the perfect figure
 The problem of excess weight is very relevant today. Flabby muscles and "orange peel" cellulite do not look very appetizing, and added a lot of sad moments in the life of women. Most vulnerable to the accumulation of fatty deposits residents of large cities. Malnutrition, bad ecology, passive lifestyle, stress, lack of time to visit the active outdoor activities and gym - all these factors predispose to completeness.

Every woman dreams of a perfect figure. But how to achieve a good result? How to become sexy and attractive? Of course, there are the quickest and easiest way - is plastic surgery. But such a procedure are many negative and it has its own base. Go under the knife, not having the medical evidence rather recklessly. Fortunately, modern technology can provide an excellent alternative to surgery. Now there are a lot of technological gadgets to lose weight and strengthen muscles, for example, miostimulyatory.

What miostimulyatory?

Or myocardial electromyostimulation - this effect on muscle tissue with low-frequency current or, alternatively, electrical pulses. Outgoing pulses from a device similar to the impulses of the nervous system that cause our muscles to contract in the same way as in the conventional training in the gym. Suffice it to attach the appliance to the problem area, and your muscles will start to work as if you exercise, while at the same time you can sit at the computer. So often referred miostimlyatsiyu gymnastics for the lazy. The amplitude of muscle contraction depends on the frequency of the current.

Miostimulators help you not only lose weight but also to pump up muscles. Use of this miracle of technology can be both men and women. The result will be felt after just a few lessons: beautiful, slim figure, relief blocks and tightened skin.

Medicine recommends!

Initially myostimulation used in medicine. It was used as a muscle exercises for the sick, partially immobilized, which could not produce a natural stress on the body. This procedure effectively treats and restores the natural functioning of the muscles, internal organs, treats cellulite, strengthens muscles, improves blood circulation, eliminates laxity and flaccidity of tissues. The main plus myostimulation - is its safety, security and efficiency.


There are a number of contraindications to use myostimulation, such as pregnancy, heart diseases, blood disorders, kidney failure, tuberculosis, urinary stones, gall bladder or kidney, various skin diseases in acute, high sensitivity to the pulse current.

Problem areas:


One of the problem areas - a front wall of the abdomen, the abdomen (the press), especially in women who have given birth. Will help you cope with this problem miostimulyatory. Already after the first procedure, there is a significant increase in muscle tone, it is easier to pull the abdomen, the abdominal wall is actively involved in the respiratory movements. After a 3-4 start the procedure decrease in centimeters. But few achieve a good result, it is also necessary to keep. To this end, it is desirable to make at least a small gym.

 Muscle Stimulation for the perfect figure

After the first treatment almost always increases muscle tone and shape changes of approximately 1-2 cm. Such fluctuation suggests that the muscles in humans are weak and need to load, but the effect lasts long. These changes occur spontaneously, it takes time for the reorganization of muscle.

You can usually count on a decrease of 4-6 cm. For best effect myostimulation combine with other methods to combat cellulite, for example, body wraps and massages.

Back muscles

Inflated muscles of the back is not only beautiful, but also useful. Stimulation of the back muscles helps in the treatment of scoliosis and degenerative disc disease, improves the activity of internal organs. At a certain frequency, muscle clamps begin to relax.

Chest Muscles

Myostimulation can be used for skin care chest, but it should be done very carefully. Women are not recommended to use the electrical gadgets for pectoral muscles.

With electrical stimulation can slightly adjust the shape of the breast, but the ideal outcome should not be expected. There are some contraindications. Before applying to the chest is better to consult a doctor.

Train electrical pulses is only suitable for men. With proper nutrition, and patience, you can achieve good results.

 Muscle Stimulation for the perfect figure

The muscles of the hips

Women with a pear-shaped figure: the shoulders, narrow waist and wide hips, often suffer unnecessary "pyshnotoy" lower body. Such women do little to diet and conventional medicines, as due to their physical predisposition them first thing in the chest begins to lose weight. In such cases, electrical stimulation gives the desired result. Hips and cellulite is reduced, and the upper body does not undergo any changes.

When used in combination with massages and body wraps, the process is accelerated significantly.

Just myostimulation can be used to relax the muscles of overtraining.

 Muscle Stimulation for the perfect figure

The muscles of the shoulder

Usually triceps very hard susceptible to physical shock, and therefore quickly become flabby. Electrical stimulator well with this task. Myostimulation gives good muscle tone, but do not stimulate both front and back muscles. This should be done alternately. Keep track of your feelings. They have to bring you only positive emotions. Be beautiful and certainly healthy!
Author: Marina Sun