New anti-age procedure: chubby cheeks
 What does a young person? It turns out that not only the lack of wrinkles. Just fillers, which fill wrinkles, of course, make the skin look better, but not eliminate the age-related changes. Salons of Europe, USA and Canada are offering a new solution for facial rejuvenation - "chubby cheeks".

The Russian clinics can also be found a similar service. Every year it will be more accessible, so you should learn more about it now.

Who is the main client

We can not say that the "chubby cheeks" - universal anti-aging treatment. It is, of course, is not suitable for everyone. After all, there are individuals who are already considerably with age rang in hand, become more plump. Basically, this type of aging occurs in obese women. But in women with thin face quite the opposite: with age the face loses more in volume. As a result, the facial skin is much slack. They are attracted by the new procedure and, after 40 years, they found a significant "gaps" in the people.

Fillers are not saved. Because the fillers only smooths the skin, but do not add volume saggy skin and fine.

What is the "chubby cheeks"

In fact, this is also fillers. The procedure is the introduction by injection of fillers. But not injected filler wrinkles in her cheeks. Women who have tried innovation, satisfied with the result. "I saw myself 15 years ago. Ambient also noticed that I was a young and cheerful "- so responded one of the clients of the procedure" chubby cheeks ".

Why more voluminous cheeks give a youthful appearance? Plump face - it is always a sign of child face, round cheeks are usually healthy and young girls, while sagging, sunken cheeks occur in older people.

Dermatologists and plastic surgeons are now moving away from the so-called two-dimensional approach to facial rejuvenation. These include the same fillers to fill in wrinkles. When using fillers skin really getting better, but it's not necessarily completely rejuvenates the face. 45-year-old patient with fillers look just like 45-tion of women without wrinkles, but not as a 25-or 30-year-old.

That is why the time itself require new approaches. Women now want to look younger, and not just remove the wrinkles.

The procedure of "chubby cheeks" - is the introduction of filler in her cheeks, and not wrinkle. And sometimes it becomes quite not even required correction of wrinkles. Because immediately added not only the volume of the cheeks, but also as a consequence of rising skin around the lips.

 New anti-age procedure: chubby cheeks

Generally, the Hollywood star has long been pumped their cheeks. Remember cheeks Madonna or Kylie Minogue. However, until recently it was surgery, in which the gaps are filled with silicone on the face. The result could be a very natural, because the silicone migrates under the skin sometimes takes an irregular shape.

The new generation of doctors using silicone only in extreme cases and only in order to correct the amount of bone. A shortage of skin and fat is replaced by fillers. It turns out a more natural result without any unpleasant surprises in the future.

Triangle Youth

Dermatologists use the term to determine how much in the face of manifest signs of aging. Young people have the "triangle of youth", at the age - no. When evaluating skin dermatologist mentally draws a line through the highest point of the cheeks (from ear to ear), and then these points are connected with the jaw line. And if the person is young, it is the widest part of the cheeks, and the old faces blown cheeks and excess skin close to the chin, which distorts the "triangle" or even reverses it so that the widest part falls on the jawline.

There are several factors that cause "failures" on the face. Firstly, the skeletal structure is more loose and wear. That is, do zygomatic bones become less. Adipose tissue, which makes young cheeks, giving roundness, and seeks also thins down due to gravity. And the third factor - it is slowing production of collagen, which is why the skin ceases to be elastic, thick and supple as it was in his younger years.

 New anti-age procedure: chubby cheeks

Dermatologists and surgeons have developed a scale that describes these changes in the patient's face. Status person they are divided into 4 classes, where 1 - a "full, young face", and 4 - the person with the most amount of sagging. Based on the fact, to which class will carry the patient's face, he appointed her the amount of filler, which it needs. If you follow these guidelines, the result will be predictable, and distortions in the face will not happen. After all, customers often think that the more filler, the better. The doctor should keep calm and act only according to the needs of facial skin.

Things to know about the procedure of "chubby cheeks"

Of course, one of the main components of success procedure - an experienced physician and drug quality. A recognized leader in quality are fillers for cheeks Juvéderm. They are used in clinics in Europe and America. For the "chubby cheeks" are used fillers of hyaluronic acid (Restylane manufacturers or Perlane), or calcium hydroxide (a synthetic substance that is similar to the contents of the bones).

The effect of the first treatment lasts up to a year. In the future, the effect may be more persistent - say doctors. Because the fillers are used to stimulate the skin's own production of collagen, and the time between treatments can be increased significantly through its own rejuvenation of skin cells.

Restoring volume cheek takes relatively little time. And the only side effects are swelling and bruising from the injections. To reduce bruising and swelling are used cannula (the thinnest tube) with a blunt end. That is, first made an opening in the skin using a fine needle sharp, then it is inserted into the duct through which is already filling falls deeply in cheek, spreading bones.

How much is

The cost of the procedure depends on the class to which the patient. Because, the higher the class, the more filler require. But in general, you need to prepare for a figure of 1200-1600 dollars.
Author: Julia Shestakova