Skin care and hair care: You may not have switched to oil?
 Care with the help of oil - it is today's trend. Women around the world are increasingly switching to natural and simple products. Oil - one of those.

But even in this area have already appeared producers who have started to adapt to new trends. If earlier oil were quite accessible, but now there are brands that have been producing luxury grade oils for the face and hair. And oil from the category of simple and natural products can gradually move into the category of fine.

In order not to waste money and buy only what is necessary is to know about oils more. Oils are suitable for all skin types, but only need to know what it is - how to fit.

Dry skin
Dry skin requires oils that will moisturize it all day. It can be applied to the face only one oil, but you can - oil mixture. With the objective of long-term dampening handle oil of jasmine, apricot, jojoba.

The oils can be used as an effective means for removing makeup. For dry skin, this is suitable as camellia oil, it not only cleans the skin, but also leaves a soft and supple. St. John's wort oil and sweet almond oil - is also excellent ingredients for removing makeup.

I advise you to put the oil on his feet in the summer, it moisturizes the body and gives the skin a thin legs, sexy gloss effect of the so-called "silk stocking" on the feet.

Oil soothes dry skin, if it is irritated. And in the winter time - a real salvation, because the water-based creams are not the best for the skin in the cold, but here - real butter, which does not contract and does not irritate a person.

Vitamin E is an ingredient that treats stretch marks, reduces scar on the skin, hydrates and removes irritation. Oil with Vitamin E applied to the body at night, put on top of pajamas, and you wake up with a radiant and healthy skin. A pajama, by the way, easily washed in the machine, do not worry.

 Skin care and hair care: You may not have switched to oil?
Oil Vitamin E Face The Body Shop. Aromatic nekomedogennoe means to care for dry skin, which should be used in conjunction with other moisturizers and applied directly to the moisture.

Dry hair
Oil on dry hair is better to use on the tips of the hair. Then the hair will become brightness, elasticity, but not at the same time lifting weights and fatty.

Combination skin
Coconut oil - this is a good solution as a moisturizing and facial and body and hair. For combination skin also suitable mixture of olive oil and vitamin E, oils such combination will keep under control the allocation of oils and fatty areas of the skin, and dry.

To moisten the body with normal and combination skin will fit almost any oil, and the most luxurious body products - sesame oil.

 Skin care and hair care: You may not have switched to oil?
NUXE HUILE PRODIGIEUSE OR, golden oil for face, body and hair. Through reflective golden pearlescent particles of oil Dry your skin will sparkle starry golden glow. Use all year round, summer and winter, put on the face, body and hair. Ideal for use after the sun.

Oily and acne-prone skin
Grape seed oil is best for oily skin, as it is quickly absorbed and not heavy. Better applied to the area around the eyes, avoiding the T-zone.

Japanese women have taught us to wash oils, they do it from generation to generation, even if they have oily skin. Oil removes dirt from the skin pores are clean and sebum is not produced uncontrollably as the skin already feels moisturizing.

 Skin care and hair care: You may not have switched to oil?
Clarins Huile Lotus Face Treatment Oil. Cosmetic oil "Lotus" for combination and oily skin Huile Lotus - an indispensable tool for cleaning, restoring and maintaining balance of beauty combined and prone to oily skin. Thanks to the essential oils of rosemary, chamomile and geranium combined with lotus extract, this light, quickly absorbed oil cleans and tightens pores, smoothes the skin's surface, helping to keep its shine.

Skin prone to acne, say "thank you" oils. Especially tea tree oil, because it does not clog pores and has an effective disinfectant, antibacterial and regenerative properties, which is especially important for problem skin. Calendula and jojoba oil is also shown, they moisturize and protect the skin. The skin becomes soft and tender. Use instead of soap or oil in combination therewith.

 Skin care and hair care: You may not have switched to oil?
Oil foaming cleanser for the face "Hermes". It is a cleansing agent for washing with water created specifically for oily skin prone to acne. It gently removes excess oil, unclogs pores and moisturizes the skin, reduces the amount of bacteria and amino acids, acting as antioxidants and help healing.

greasy hair
Oddly enough, but for oily hair oils are also shown. Fat and grease on the hair hardly water soluble, but oil soluble, so for oily hair is now recommended for oil-based shampoos. They are best removed fat, reduce the production of hair and hair roots of their own fat.
Author: Julia Shestakova