Steel Soap: is it possible?
 Chinese inventors do not get tired to amaze us with their findings. First - artificial eggs from the hen da soybean seeds of bamboo, and now they showed to the world its new miracle of iron soap ...

What is it about
Odonayzer or steel soap - a small piece of stainless steel in the form of conventional soap familiar to us, which is capable of removing with it unpleasant odors corrosive garlic, onion, fish, meat, gasoline, tobacco and the like, which often remain on hands after cooking or delicious meal. Steel serves soap manufacturer of various shapes: rounded, rectangular, triangular or oval, its weight is 40-70g and its dimensions depending on the form may be 11 x 6 x 3 7 7 cm, 9 cm x 5 cm or more compact options: volume oval - 6 2 x 1 cm and a triangle - 7, 6 x 6, 8 x 2cm.

How it works
To steel soap to be effective, you must hold it with half a minute under running cold water and then rub their hands as we used to do with a conventional soap. All odors will be immediately eliminated! Odonayzera basic principle of operation is that the metal enters into reaction with the active acids which actually cause corrosive odors.

Why steel soap

- Iron soap contains no chemicals and is absolutely harmless to health.

- Odonayzera enough for years to come, because steel, as you know - is eternal.

- Steel Soap "works" even in cold water.

- Using soap iron, you can save more on expensive cleansers.

- Restaurateurs can attract and amaze its visitors, inviting them after the meal instead of the usual water with lemon steel novelty for washing hands.

Where to buy
A number of online stores offering the purchase of steel as a piece of soap and large quantities of 3 million pieces of direct supply from China for 2 months.

How much is
Depending on the size of the steel bar of soap, the cost of 1, 5-5 cu

 Steel Soap: is it possible?

Additional features

- Manufacturers of steel soap offer additional services to its customers: gift packaging and special supports for odonayzera.

- Highly resourceful hostess argued that if a miracle soap placed in the refrigerator, it will delay at all unpleasant odors.

- Odonayzer can be washed in a dishwasher.

Despite the skepticism of a number of ordinary people, who claim that steel soap simply polishes the top layer of the skin and thus remove any odors odonayzer still works differently. Keep in mind that soap from iron - it's not emery cloth and smooth metal. Therefore, neither of which the friction out of the question. The secret of this soap works only in a chemical reaction, which was mentioned above.

A choice, as always, is yours: whether to submit its guests the next time after the feast in the spirit of "Yum" bowls with lime or surprise odonayzerom.
Author: Natalia Hryshko