VICHY - beauty from the heart of the thermal springs
 French cosmetics VICHY is well known in many countries. His name cosmetics brand obliged small French town of Vichy. Since ancient times the city was famous for its healing thermal waters. It is estimated that in the local thermal treatment includes seventeen different mineral salts and trace elements thirteen.

Walk through Vichy
Vichy is incredibly charming resort. It has everything you need for a relaxing stay. In summer life in Vichy literally boils. You want to join the art? In Opera put musical and dramatic performances. Deserved popular concerts, which take place on sites in the open air. It is pleasant to stroll along the embankment of the river Allier. In the evening, restaurants, cafes and bars hospitably opens its doors to visitors. There are Vichy and Golf Club - one of the oldest in France.

Neighborhoods Vichy also worthy of attention: Bowl village and its ancient soap factories, Renaissance castle Billy, wine cellar San Pursan, snack on the farm of St. Sebastian, perfectly preserved monuments of medieval architecture in the valleys of the Loire and Dordogne. Vulcania - the only European volcanic park, it is at a distance of seventy kilometers from Vichy.

His glory shall resort Vichy women and their eternal quest for beauty. People come here to relax, improve your health and to take a course of anti-aging treatments. The unique natural conditions, modern medical technology, the latest achievements of cosmetology - here components of success of the resort of Vichy. The influx of patients to the local hospital unabated throughout the year. Once we arrived in Vichy royals and noble ladies. Modern women are not willing to keep up with the blue-blooded ladies.

Secrets of thermal springs
 VICHY - beauty from the heart of the thermal springs
   The resort has all fifteen Vichy thermal springs, but only six of the extracted water has healing properties. The course of treatment is assigned to each patient individually. Indications for use of drinking mineral water Vichy considered diseases of the musculoskeletal system, digestive disorders, including hepatitis, ulcers, colitis, metabolic disorders in the body.
The water from the springs not only to take in. Pleasant tallasoterapii procedures recommended for those who suffer from obesity, respiratory diseases, joint pains, insomnia, poor circulation, as well as those who have suffered severe physical and psychological stress. This Parisian come here to get rid of the stress of the big city.

Thermal water has beneficial effects on human skin. In 1931, water from the hot springs of Vichy was used for the production of cosmetics. It is only natural that the new cosmetics called VICHY. After 80 years, a native of Vichy cosmetics are well known not only in France but also far beyond its borders. Means for care of the face and body are developed in special laboratories are tested by dermatologists, undergo rigorous control tests.

 VICHY - beauty from the heart of the thermal springs

A brief guide to minor
The range of cosmetics VICHY has all the necessary means to care for face and body - this is no exaggeration, but a statement of fact. In the world of cosmetics VICHY easy to get lost, a brief guide to help you find the right path to beauty.

 VICHY - beauty from the heart of the thermal springs
   NORMADERM - means the line intended for the care of skin problems (clogged and enlarged pores and shine of the skin, redness, uneven texture).

AQUALIA THERMAL - complete range of moisturizers. Means of the line designed for women with any type of skin, aged 20 to 60 years.

 VICHY - beauty from the heart of the thermal springs
   OLIGO 25 - cosmetics for young women aged 20 to 30 years old who do not have serious problems with the skin. Funds in this series allow a well to moisten the skin to achieve a healthy glow and freshness.

MYOKINE - a line of cosmetics for women aged 27 to 40 years old: the correction of facial wrinkles and prevent their deepening.

LIFTACTIV PRO - cosmetics for women from 35 to 50 years: anti-aging, lifting effect.

NEOVADIOL 45+ - Cosmetic products developed specifically for women from 50 to 60 years to mature skin during hormonal decline.

 VICHY - beauty from the heart of the thermal springs
   CELLEBIOTIC - an innovative anti-aging remedy for facial care products designed specifically for women over 60 years.

LIPOSCULPTURE - This procedure is designed to combat obesity, with cellulite, skin stretched and blurred shapes.

LIPIDIOSE - moisturizing body lotion, as well as special tools for skin care hands and lips.

What else is in the bins VICHY?

• deodorants for all skin types (in the form of a cream, ball, aerosol).
• This preparation is an effective fight against stretch marks.
• This preparation for hair care and scalp.
• Designer tools.
• Adjusting the tonal resources.
• Mineral powder.

 VICHY - beauty from the heart of the thermal springs

Specially for men
 VICHY - beauty from the heart of the thermal springs
 - VICHY HOMME - so-called gamma tools designed specifically for men: everything you need for daily care of healthy skin. The composition of these agents include active ingredients: calcium, retinol, vitamin C, and magnesium.

- Shaving men can use foam or gel VICHY, these funds do not irritate the skin and is well suited to owners of sensitive skin.

- For problematic skin VICHY offers shaving foam, which in addition to its primary function revitalizes the skin.

- To regulate perspiration VICHY offers men roll-on deodorants and antiperspirants in the form of sprays.

- Means NORMADERM, intended for the care of problem skin may benefit not only women but also men.

Whisper about the shortcomings
• The main complaint of those who remained dissatisfied with cosmetics VICHY, is that the result from the use of this cosmetics does not coincide with the advertising promises, the skin condition does not improve.

 VICHY - beauty from the heart of the thermal springs
   • Cosmetics VICHY extends through pharmacy chains. However, not enough to put makeup on the pharmacy shelf and announce its effectiveness. When choosing cosmetic products for the treatment of oily skin or skin care anti-aging competent specialist advice oh how needed.

• Despite the fact that the cosmetics VICHY marketed as hypoallergenic, the individual may experience an allergic reaction to some cosmetics.

• Another common complaint: creams VICHY face can slide on the skin, white "the pellets" cream on the face does not look aesthetically pleasing.

• Unfortunately, there is still a risk of purchasing fake cosmetics VICHY.

 VICHY - beauty from the heart of the thermal springs

Sometimes women pick "their" cosmetics by trial and error, but then enjoy a favorite brand of cosmetics for many years and recommend it to friends. For many modern women VICHY become just such cosmetics - beloved and effective.
Author: Irina Rukavishnikova