Whitening at the dentist
 Should I go for this expensive procedure? And what to expect if you decide to go for teeth whitening in the dental salon.

Even if mom and dad gave you white teeth - coffee, tea and cigarettes, as well as coloring products and a lack of calcium, doing their business is not very bright, which loses its natural white smile.

You, of course, immediately rushes to look for a whitening toothpaste, whitening strips and other home remedies for white teeth. Results may be, but is not persistent and did not like at the Hollywood stars. Is it possible to achieve a dazzling whiteness?

The answer is in the home, in most cases, no. After all, home remedies lighten the tooth enamel to the tone or two, you will need to do this every day for hours. And after two weeks only torture yourself dietetic food from non-ferrous products. And it's too big inconvenience compared to the salon bleaching, which is taken for 8-9 colors at once, and whitening procedure takes no more than 2 hours. After that, the result can hold up to a year.

Personal experience

I tried whitening BriteSmile, this so-called chemical bleaching with hydrogen peroxide, teeth brightened to 8 shades. The procedure itself was extremely simple.

1. First the dentist detects lips to be moved away from the teeth. Painless, but not very pretty from the outside. I am glad that no one except the master you do not see at this point. This plastic "collar" More and protects the gums during the bleaching.

2. The doctor does whitening gel with a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide, avoiding the gums.

3. The process of clarification of teeth is enhanced with the help of light energy. Specialized lamp produces a blue light, and sent to the teeth with the gel. This is not a laser beam. Many people mistakenly call this laser whitening, but it is not a laser is not used in BriteSmile. So, on the teeth directed light (the rays are very similar to those involved in the gel manicure), held 20 minutes.

4. The process of the gel and the lamp is repeated another two or three times. On average, it takes 90 minutes. As a result, I spent in the cabin no more than two hours. So - expect that the visit Dental Show takes you longer than usual manicure or massage.

If I say that it is not painful, it is a hoax. On the first session I felt a slight pain in the nerves. And then, too. Moreover, discomfort accompanied me still for about a day after the procedure. Especially when food or beverages are hot or cold. We had to eat and drink only what was the average room temperature.

 Whitening at the dentist

Suitable for peroxide bleaching in the cabin

Do not be afraid that such whitening is suitable only Hollywood stars and people with and so very white teeth. Dentists in contrast, believe that the most suitable candidate for the chemical bleaching - the one who has yellowed teeth. This procedure is less effective for those who have teeth have a grayish or plaque.

Teeth whitening in the cabin can be recommended to all who are to an important event (wedding, anniversary), which will have to be photographed. The pictures bleached teeth will look just fine.

In general, all women and men suitable chemical bleaching. In the modern world, it is an important advantage. There are studies that show that people with bleached teeth easier to make a career, are partners in life and in general are more likely to succeed than those with not quite snow-white smile.

How to get the best result

Of course, the best advice - find a good clinic and master. He must check the state of your teeth before the procedure. After the doctor will tell you what results you can count on - you will be the exact shade of the teeth, which will be after the BriteSmile.

The good doctor is required to find out whether you have contraindications and incompatibility with the drug. And only after all the formalities you will do. If no preliminary interviews and examined by a doctor does not spend - you may need to look for another specialist. Because a bad doctor - it is not only poor whitening, but also the risk of burns around the teeth.

For money was not spent in vain, and the result is held for longer should comply after bleaching a number of important requirements. First, do not eat or drink too hot or too cold in at least the first 2 days. Second, within 24 hours should consume only white products. Yes, yes, even tea and coffee banned! You can only drink chamomile tea and water. And there - only white foods: bananas, bread, potatoes. The doctor and said, "do not eat anything that would leave a mark on a white shirt." I thought, and decided that it is almost everything, but this was a positive thing - along with white teeth managed to arrange a fasting day, and even just to lose weight.

How much is

Every year, whitening in the salon becomes more affordable. Prices in Moscow and other Russian cities may vary. The biggest price that I've seen - it's about $ 1,000 for whitening BriteSmile. A common figure - up to 10 thousand rubles for a single row of teeth. I managed to get this service for $ 890, which includes 4 20 minute session under the lamp (per visit), plus a set of Zoom in for home care for bleached teeth.

My results

Teeth, of course, become much whiter. Especially the effect was felt near the red lipstick. Initially, the teeth near the gums were less white, it is because the gel is applied so as not to touch the gums. Perhaps that is why the gums were always a thin layer. But this flaw quickly left because I got a set for home care (these are trays with the gel, taking the form of the teeth, they can be taken at night). And within 1 week of use has leveled off color. This set, by the way, can be used immediately after BriteSmile, and at any other time when you feel that white teeth out.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin