Zookosmetika in the service of the beauty of the modern woman
 Means for washing horses instead of shampoo for women's hair, and a means to strengthen the hooves instead of a means to strengthen nails ... What? Wildly? Meanwhile zookosmetika, ie cosmetics for animals, has been successfully used by some women to maintain its beauty.

When you look at a silky smooth well-groomed horse's mane or tail, quite naturally comes to mind comparisons with the hair of many beauties of advertising means for hair care.

"And it's true: a pony tail is a bit like women's hair! "- One of the workers decided to stables and tried the means by which it takes care of the mane and tail of his pitomitsy, on their own hair.

On assurances eksperimentatorshi improving the structure of your hair noticed not only herself, but also friends, relatives, colleagues girl.

 Zookosmetika in the service of the beauty of the modern woman

Experts for hair surprised shrug when asked to comment on the antics of some of these women. Like, there is no need to take such a risk. For sale is a huge number of specialized and highly effective products designed for human hair. These funds are guaranteed to have been tested and confirmed its suitability for human use. So why invent something else, risking their own health?

In similar experiments, but with the means to strengthen the hoof, let others desperate woman. In her fervent assurances through such a simple way, it has strengthened its exfoliating and brittle nails.

 Zookosmetika in the service of the beauty of the modern woman

Specialists Manicure carefully consider the bottle with a means to strengthen the hoof, studying the composition of the components contained therein. According to them, such means should not damage your nails, because it is rich in essential oils, are really able to strengthen the nail tissue.

The main argument of women who embark on such experiments is that their own observations of the animals are incredibly sensitive to unnatural ingredients and do not accept them in power or means of care of his body. Therefore, the fact that the animal normally responds to selected zookosmetiku, 100% confirm its naturalness, it can not be said about the preparations for body care offered to women on supermarket shelves.

Veterinarians and dermatologists also unanimous on the issue of the application of zookosmetiki people: Similar experiments were completely unjustified and carry an increased risk to human health . The constitution of the animal and the human body are essentially different. That stabilizes the vital processes and give on-mountain positive cosmetic effects in animals, can cause irreparable harm to humans. It could be allergic reactions and other negative manifestations. After all, what is not tested in humans, and is intended for the animal is under a certain scientific studies, which we can not be aware.

Therefore, the choice is yours, dear ladies, whether to apply for yourself zookosmetiku or restrict the traditional means-tested care of his body. The only thing, do not forget that some people have tried, and canned goods intended for animals were satisfied their taste and even regularly include them in your diet. But this does not justify their behavior, neglect of its own digestive system and absolutely no role model is an example for the rest of human society. So stay healthy, beautiful natural beauty and at the same time do not forget about common sense!
Author: Natalia Hryshko