A breath of fresh air - ozone
 Ozone improves the rheological properties and microcirculation of blood, greatly increases the oxygen supply and thus activates the vital functions of all organs and body systems.

Ozone - a highly modern medical technology of using ozone in the treatment and prevention purposes. Important medical ozone is able to attract in the early XX century, when the gas has been used to treat a number of diseases. And during World War II doctors treated with ozone people with fractures, abscesses, inflammation and other problems. In 1972, Hans Wolff and Siegfried Rilling founded The German Medical Society of ozone therapists. In the future, ozone therapy developed more and was able to attract the attention of many people. Currently, the therapeutic properties of ozone have been used in cosmetology.

Ozone is a form we need to breathe oxygen, but has a much higher activity. Scientists have shown that ozone improves the rheological properties and microcirculation of blood, greatly increases the oxygen supply and thus activates the vital functions of all organs and body systems. After the treatments with ozone increases overall body, there is a positive effect in most diseases, and a reduction in weight.

Medical ozone (Medozon) - a mixture in different proportions of oxygen and ozone. Ozone is simple to use and highly effective, well-tolerated, with practically no side effects. The concentrations of ozone used in medicine, have a pronounced protective activity.

Unlike cosmetics, providing temporary, superficial effect, ozone acts directly on the very reason - the lack of oxygen in the tissues of the body. Enrolling in the tissue oxygen activates the vital functions of cells, accelerates metabolism, synthesis of young cells. Ozone concentrations used in medicine, acts as a powerful antioxidant, actively oxidize free radicals by neutralizing and removing them from the body.

In addition, ozone therapy is characterized by ease of use, high efficiency, no side effects and is well tolerated. Ozone therapy procedures can be carried out even during pregnancy.

Types of ozone therapy

Ozone therapy is of two types: local and systemic. Local ozone therapy by means of microinjection of ozone-oxygen mixture in the problem areas - places of wrinkles, skin folds, etc. Injecting produced the finest short needles in strictly defined areas and virtually painless. The effect is observed after the beginning of ozone therapy after the first procedure - disappear and reduces wrinkles, improves skin tone, tightens oval face, resolves "double chin", as the fat in this place is very malleable.

Ozone therapy in systemic exposure to ozone on the body is carried out complex ozonated saline solution is injected into the body intravenously. Ozonated blood oxygenates the tissues and internal organs, improves blood circulation, increases the overall tone of the body. Among the positive effects of ozonation system - improving the general well-being, mood, performance.

Issues addressed by ozone therapy

The duration of treatment, the number and frequency of ongoing therapeutic procedures may vary over a wide range. In some cases, possible and appropriate conduct several courses of treatment.

- Skin diseases and skin aging

When purulent skin lesions and acne Medical ozone is administered as subcutaneous lesions injecting or introducing the gas mixture into boils or acne. Lipolytic properties of ozone to help influence the Skopje sebum in the cysts, and improve blood circulation in the areas of injection accelerates the resorption of scarring.

Currently, you can slow down the aging process through the use of local and systemic ozone therapy. With local ozone therapy is used ozone-oxygen mixtures and ozonized olive oil, which is administered subcutaneously. In locally intravenous ozone therapy using drip infusion of ozonated solutions, as well as apply the rectal insufflation of ozone-oxygen mixture.

Important!   The most rewarding age for ozone therapy facial - 30-50 years.

On the face of ozone is injected just under the wrinkles in the most problematic areas: cut away the eye area, "crow's feet" at the temples, nasolabial folds, chin, nose, forehead, even.

After the skin was introduced ozone human start working metabolic processes and normalizes the active membrane transport, permeability, formability, toughness and electrical properties of the membranes. Increased activity of energy processes, increases the activity of the antioxidant system, eliminated destructive effect of free radicals. Increasing the possibility of regenerative growth layer of the skin, the amount of tissue fluid in the deeper layers rises, restored natural ability of the skin to retain moisture.

Interesting! Activation with ozone healing processes and improvement of metabolism can be used in the rehabilitation period after plastic surgery, which reduces the rehabilitation period.

The ability of ozone is used to inactivate viruses in the treatment of many viral dermatoses, particularly herpes.

- Excess weight, cellulite, stretch marks, "asterisk"

Ozone restores lipid metabolism, accelerates metabolism, and thus eliminates the fat deposits in problem areas - buttocks, abdomen. Active oxygen oxidizes and neutralizes the fats, triggering the mechanism of natural processing of fat.

Anti-cellulite effect is provided by the unique properties of active oxygen. Once the ozone-oxygen cocktail penetrates the tissues, oxygen begins to actively interact with the fat cells. In addition, it destroys the "knots" of cellulite - the main culprits ugly "orange peel".

For the "spider veins" an injection of ozone-oxygen mixture is like the touch of a magic wand. True, they need very high concentrations and low doses. Moreover, the mixture is injected directly into the vial, the asterisk disappears without a trace, no longer any point scars or age spots.

Striae (stretch marks) also lend themselves well to polishing, but require higher concentrations of ozone. Besides, a good effect is possible only "young" extensions (not older than 1 year).

Important!   You can not cut away the breasts.

- Dandruff, seborrhea, brittle hair and hair loss

Ozone helps destroy the lipid membrane structure of bacteria, tissue respiration and improves the immune system, increases the impact of the applied drugs, improved delivery of nutrients to the hair follicles, they become thick and beautiful.

Ozonized olive oil

The invention of ozonated olive oil refers to the biotechnology and medicine, in particular, to the production of substances with high biological activity and long retain their anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal activity and detoxification. Currently ozonized olive oil has a health certificate and a cosmetic product. While, as the ozone gas has immediate bactericidal activity, oil products ozone operate for many hours. Ozonized olive oil has a pronounced fungicidal properties.

Ozonized olive oil is used for the treatment of venous ulcers, microbial eczema, chronic ulcerative pyoderma, herpes. The use of ozonated olive oil at different pyoderma justified in vitro studies of its bactericidal activity.

Contraindications for ozone therapy

- Early period after various, including internal bleeding.

- Hemorrhagic stroke.

- Hyperthyroidism.

- The tendency to seizures.

- Acute alcohol intoxication.

- Thrombocytopenia.

- Reduced blood clotting.

- Allergies to ozone.
Author: Inna Sedykh