Always shine, shine everywhere ...
 Summer - a time of joy, freshness, smiles and happiness! And on the beach and a walk with her friends, and date, and even at work, we want to look a little more romantic and frivolous than in other seasons. And there is no more indispensable element to create a fresh and relaxing summer image than lip gloss!

So, let's leave matte lipstick on then - we remember them in the fall and winter, but in the meantime I invite you to get acquainted with my favorites in the world of shine.

 Always shine, shine everywhere ...

 Always shine, shine everywhere ...
 1) Helena Rubinstein Wanted Gloss
03 royal jelly

For a natural make-up I chose transparent shine Helena Rubinstein Wanted Gloss . It can be used when you want to achieve the effect as if you are with makeup does not know, and look great only because of its natural beauty.

Usually transparent shine seem to me to be too boring, but this one - is another matter. With many small blestochek, it creates an amazing shine on your lips. It is very unusual - some warm hue. Since he shine fully transparent, this effect is achieved by "gold-plated" particles.

The very texture shine pretty thick, but it is not felt on the lips, and almost sticky. Helena Rubinstein managed to somehow eliminate the stage when luster thickens, becoming more resistant to the lips, but it creates an unpleasant feeling of stickiness.

All shines Wanted Gloss   contains royal jelly extract, which moisturizes and nourishes the lips and silicone microparticles, which make them more volume. By the way, especially for color 03 royal jelly little changed Perfume: honey added to it, so it smells a little sweeter than the other colors, but for my taste, still plays a few others in this splendor.

interesting golden shine
no stickiness

smell too ordinary

 Always shine, shine everywhere ...
 2) Lancome La Laque Fever
312 furious in fuchsia

For hiking club and other incendiary events I chose to shine La Laque Fever   fuchsia by Lancome. In my opinion it lacquer and shimmering surface texture is combined with bright fuchsia.

I liked that the applicator is in the form of an unusual petal creates just such a contour of the lips, a need that is important, as fuchsia pretty intense and bright, so any "bobble" will be visible. However, to be removed from the vial a patch, you need to exert more effort than usual, so every time I do it cautiously, afraid to spill the contents of the vial. But never anything like me did not happen.

interesting "varnish" effect
beautiful sheen

the applicator is removed from the vial harder
there is a small tack

 Always shine, shine everywhere ...
  Always shine, shine everywhere ...
 Clinique Long Last Glosswear SPF15
3) 08 guavagold
4) 13 fireberry

Shines Clinique Long Lasting Glosswear   I use instead of lipstick, that is when you want to make the lips not only shine, but also the color. They are quite thick, so that densely cover the lips and provide a rich (as far as can give shine) color. But, the density there is a downside - unfortunately, shines quite sticky.

I want to note is really remarkable resilience of brilliance! Clinique promises that it will hold more than 8 hours. It is possible, if all this time, do not eat, kissing and biting his lips ... So, this shine is great to keep all five o'clock in the morning and before dinner - for longer without food, I just could not resist.

Hue guavagold gives your lips a delicate pink color, a little lighter skin. fireberry - a darker shade, which emphasizes the shape of the lips. Both gloss look great on tanned face. Just a must-have for holiday by the sea, especially when you consider that all the splendours of the line moisturize and protect lips and have a sun protection factor SPF15.

really resistant
give not only shine, but the color
have a sun protection factor SPF15

rather sticky

 Always shine, shine everywhere ...
 5) Estee Lauder High Gloss Ultra brilliance
05 bronze

Past shine High Gloss Ultra brilliance   bronze I just could not go because of his magical smell - it smells of chocolate with nuts!

Gloss has a very pleasant texture, thanks to which it ceases to feel on the lips after a few minutes. However, it is quite liquid, so I sometimes have difficulty with dosing. With that could handle applicator, but, unfortunately, gloss placed in a tube.

The formula includes a shine cocktail of nutrients that moisturize and soften the skin of the lips. In addition, the gloss makes lips more voluminous.

very appetizing smell
nice texture
beautiful shimmering sheen

less comfortable than gloss applicators
a bit tacky

 Always shine, shine everywhere ...
  Always shine, shine everywhere ...
  Always shine, shine everywhere ...
 Lancome Juicy Tubes
6) Juicy Tubes   17 fraise
7) Juicy Tubes by naturals   04 cherry almond
8) Juicy Tubes P.U.R.E.   113 genuine tomato

And for dessert - the most delicious. Literally.

Shines series Juicy Tubes   We have already become classics - next year it will be 10 years old! - And, apparently, long settled in my purse. They can not not like: a wide variety of shades, a charming and very sexy smell of wet shine. A series of constant updates do not give bored.

Luster Good hold on the lips, but very persistent will not name. However, I do not think this is a disadvantage - to be honest, I like to put them on the lips (despite the fact that the tube is still less convenient than the applicator): I can not miss the opportunity to once again enjoy their cheerful fruit smell.

I am amazed how SHINE Juicy Tubes   manages to create a joyful and happy mood. It seems to be a common thing - lip gloss, but it feels a special carefree ease, I want to jump in puddles, or basking in the sun.

Juicy Tubes 17 fraise   It smells like strawberries, Juicy Tubes by naturals 04 cherry almond   - My favorite almond and Juicy Tubes P.U.R.E. 113 genuine tomato   - Fruit gum.

delicious smells
Sexy wet shine

less convenient than lip applicator
not very resistant
Author: Lyudmila Lavrushina