Chocolate, eggs and soy in cosmetics. What's new offer us the manufacturers of cosmetics?
 Chocolate, eggs and soy used in cosmetic products, not only to improve the complexion, but also allow our skin to look simply dazzling!

Cosmetics is not in place. Manufacturers of cosmetic products not only improve the technological process, but also to update the composition of cosmetics for the face, including in it new components significantly increase its effectiveness. Chocolate, eggs and soy used in cosmetic products, not only to improve the complexion, but also allow our skin to look simply dazzling!

Caviar in the composition of cosmetics

Several years ago, brand La Prairie (Switzerland) introduced into the cream of his precious component - protein black beluga caviar. Because caviar is no longer only a delicacy, and moved from a luxury to the rank of the pleasures available. And even if it is not intended to taste, believe me, your skin and hair will appreciate it at its true worth! The use of eggs in cosmetics is not accidental, because it is actively involved in the rehabilitation and restructuring of the skin and hair. Enriched natural nutritional components it contains proteins, amino acids, fatty acids, trace elements and iodine. Funds with caviar hair makes them shiny, healthy, stimulates their growth and restores its entire length.

Chocolate pleasure

Cocoa is used in cosmetology for a long time. It includes part of the lip balms, moisturizers, and some masks. Rich in antioxidants and proteins, cocoa, moisturizes, accelerates healing, helps the skin to fight free radicals, making it firm and elastic.

A novelty in cosmetology is a cocoa therapy, which first began to be applied in the United States and gradually conquer the world. This program for the face and body helps to relax and improve the body's resistance to external aggressive environment. It involves masks, body wraps and massages with chocolate. This cocoa therapy is particularly suitable for tired and prone to constant stress skin. Small, but always a nice bonus of this therapy is a good mood, because chocolate increases the production of endorphins in the body - pleasure hormones.

Soybeans for a beautiful complexion without pigment spots

In Asia, the unique properties of soy have been known for a long time. Through the use of large amounts of soy in China women do not know the painful symptoms that usually accompany menopause. Soy has a beneficial effect on the female hormonal system, because it contains large amounts of plant hormones. Recently it became known about the positive effect of soy and on our skin.

Research in the field of cosmetology shown that the inclusion of certain substances Soybean the creams stops the detrimental effects of free radicals on the skin cells. In parallel, other plants of the same material increases regenerative properties of the skin. The range of some famous brands of cosmetics are the creams of pigment spots, the main active ingredient of which is allocated to soy proteins. With this makeup in just two to three months to effectively solve the problem of age spots and facial skin gets a healthy and fresh shade.

The effect of Botox and bio-cosmetology

The desire to prolong youthfulness of our skin cosmetics manufacturers are pushing for a serious and costly development. For example, some of the latest developments in the field of cosmetology conducted in order to find ingredients for cosmetic products, which by their effect on the skin would be like Botox. Such active substances relax the facial muscles, preventing the formation of new mimic wrinkles, as well as reducing the severity of the existing ones. Of course, such cosmetics is not as effective as Botox injections, but still gives a good result, for example, in such areas as the skin of the eyelids or nasolabial triangle.

Bio-cosmetology combines natural sources of youth and beauty with technological advances .  The difference between "normal" and bio-components is the quality, quantity, and the process of preparing the last .  For example, bio-creams contain in its composition to 35% active ingredients, compared to only 1% in "normal" cosmetics .  However, naturally only major manufacturers that have passed certification can apply for the production of bio-cosmetics .  First of all, there should be no cosmetics such perfumes, dyes and artificial preservatives .  It also eliminates the presence in glycerol, paraffin, vaseline, alcohol, refined petroleum products .  To cosmetics has been assigned the status of "bio", it must consist of at least 70% of the biological components that are not subjected to chemical treatment .  It is also obvious that the packaging of such cosmetic products to be used again in the manufacture and testing of the products can not be conducted on animals .

The most popular of this type cosmetics are moisturizing creams, shampoos, soaps, based on plant extracts, massage oil. Of course, their texture and flavor is not as pleasant as in "normal" cosmetics, and the period of validity because of the lack of artificial preservatives is much smaller. However, these disadvantages completely pay off high-efficiency, naturalness and safety of such cosmetics.

The future belongs to genetics

Future cosmetics for the cooperation of geneticists with producers of cosmetics. A detailed study of the processes occurring in the cells of the skin, as well as genetic studies have the same goal - to understand what genes are responsible for skin aging, it dull. Thanks to these discoveries can be developed specialized tools that will act on the root cause of problems. Some research laboratories already conducted clinical trials and production of anti-aging, the effect of which is directed to the molecules that are responsible for the aging process.
Author: Natalia Biatova