Clear the weight and the old skin!
 Cryosauna - so called setting, in which for three minutes "soared" clubs in liquid nitrogen. Impressions from this procedure, comparable only to the spacewalk ...

I waited in the wording not only with the material and pictures ... Exhausted fitness and diet weaker half of the team has put in front of me the most important task: in what may become the most undergo the procedure quick freezing, and for sure to find out from the doctors whether the cold to remove cellulite and lose weight so that it was quickly and permanently ... I gave my word that I will achieve the truth at any cost ...

But to make a report from the Department of cryotherapy clinic of the Moscow Institute of Cybernetic Medicine was not easy. All my questions about the health of the patients after the procedure emanating from the cryochamber, answered about the same thing: "Wow! ", "Oh you! "And" wow! ". And the people were in such a good mood and its "'s sense" that bombard them seemed inappropriate and even blasphemous. In the end, I decided it would be easier to describe the indescribable, if you do not pull with your "freeze" and overcame the natural cowardice, do what you came for: to feel the effect of ultra-low temperature to "their own skin."


Cryotherapy is not just "round up" the weight and fights cellulite, it also effectively helps to recover from dermatitis and fungal infections of the skin, is used to treat asthma, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, rheumatoid arthritis. It helps to cope with diabetes and its consequences, psoriasis, eczema, allergies, burns, trauma, neurosis and depression and sexual disorders of vascular origin.

In appearance cryosauna strongly resembles a rocket body, but without the bow and the nozzle. To get there, the women undress before bathing suit, and men - to a kind of swimming trunks or a codpiece (described later). The smaller the garment, the better.

Instead of the window at head level in a metal casing done a window where you need a little lean. But not to breathe, as I once thought, and to you constantly saw the doctor. In addition, if necessary, through the window, he could hear the pulse in the neck artery and count the respiratory rate.

- Papillae will be clean? - I asked the doctor, with emphasis on the last word.

- As a next time - I thought.

The door closed behind me. And I felt a painful sense of farewell to the Earth, familiar to each astronaut. Whistling including rocket turbine, and within cryosauna starts swirling white fumes of nitrogen.

It must be said that the scorching they seem no more than three to five seconds. Then the sensitivity of the skin begins to gradually disappear.

Do not feel - the feeling of a rather unusual. While I was digging in his self, the door opened a crack in cryosauna.

- Session Expired ...

The most amazing thing begins shortly after the procedure. Vessels widen sharply, the skin turns pink, the warmth spreads throughout the body. It appears vigor and muscle strength, as they say, splashing over the edge. The temperature is then gradually subsides and by the end of the first 30-40 minutes, leaving behind all over the body a pleasant languor.

"KEY" to updates

Before receiving cryotherapy, all patients undergo a complete clinical diagnosis of the functional state of organs and systems. It is necessary to determine the disease and the mode of cryotherapy: the required number of sessions, the temperature and duration of the procedure. The scheme of such treatment in the hospital is: diagnosis - cryosauna - massage. And the final diagnosis after a ten-day course.

Ian was next after me. Cryosauna it passes a second time. The main complaint - papillomas on the skin. After a general cooling of the special problem areas she is treated with special kriofenom. Remembering his papillomas, I immediately asked for it to be present at this amazing procedure.

- While our patient did not have time to warm up after cryo - says doctor Alexey Ovchinnikov - we direct the steam of nitrogen to areas affected by papillomas, as if aiming to shoot disease. Look at what was coming.

Small frozen lumps on the neck woman plunged into the steam.

After a few seconds, they become white.

- Touch them, do not be afraid - asked the doctor.

I ran my fingers over the skin, feeling the hardness of the frozen papillomas. A few lumps left in my hand.

- Yesterday, there were twice as many - the woman testified. - Those that are on the legs fall off immediately. Strong is sit ...

- So simple?

- And simple and clear. I think seven or eight sessions, and of papillomas nothing left.

- How do skin reacts to cryotherapy?

- It is updated, rejuvenated. After a course of cryotherapy you do not leave any keratitis, or acne or pimples. All pathogens are killed and peel along with the old layer of the epidermis. Believe me, the world has not yet created a makeup that would achieve the effect of skin renewal; about such people say: "blood and milk".

And the most amazing effect occurs in the tissues where there are fat deposits.

- And they say, save the fat from the cold ...

- Saves, but he can not save. The fatty tissues are always reduced blood flow and, therefore, during a session, they thoroughly frozen. But then they revealed all the capillaries, resulting in fat tissue actively burned.

By the way, in the same way there is a restoration of blood supply to the extremities due to diabetes. Training vessels in patients prevents the development of complications of the disease, such as "diabetic foot". But this you better tell our endocrinologist ...

I was introduced to Dr. logged. Yelena Sinitsyn - doctor of the highest category, known in Moscow expert on treatment of diabetes, which itself runs cryotherapy, considering it the best way to prevent all diseases.

- Wonders of any ...

- You know, there's not just treat patients and conduct them real "pre-flight" training as astronauts. To help a seriously ill person - this is only half the battle. You need to have the disease has not been able to return to the safety factor of the body would not let her again undermine health. This is - a very difficult task. But here know how to solve it ...

I did not hide from her that signed up for treatment. Firstly, because I just liked the "steam." Second, the nature lazy, which I am, it became much easier to deal with his health. Three minutes a day for ten days in a month ... Cryosauna replaced my fitness club, beauty treatments and hateful diet. I recommend to all!

 Clear the weight and the old skin!
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