Psychologists say that the most visible elements of the exterior are the hair, eyes and complexion. If the hair can be extended, to color, to change the complexion for the better, make skin color natural and beautiful, able to only high-quality professional cosmetics for the face.

It is known that the skin person   particularly sensitive to the loss of vitamin. Regular consumption of fruits and vegetables, to achieve the required level of vitamins in the body can not be due to their meager contents of the gifts of nature, and the use of pharmacy vitamin complexes is highly questionable. However, the body is not fooled, and the need for vitamins, one way or another will have to fill.

Loyal assistant in the rehabilitation of the skin, can be good Face   - It contains more vitamins than a treasured jar or tube, the greater the chance to make face   healthy and radiant.

 Concentrate on Klapp designed for home care for sensitive skin
 The most famous "Facial"   vitamins are A, E, and especially vitamin C. The best choice for home care in this respect is professional cosmetics for face As Professional Series means usually comprise at least 5% of the vitamins, and this is more than enough to power the skin. As an example may be called professional series of face creams   from well-known European companies «Janssen Cosmeceutical Care» . «Klapp» . «Babor»   (Germany), «Payot»   (France) «Holy Land Cosmetics» . «Christina» . «Ahava Advanced»   (Israel). All these companies produce Cream and facials Aimed primarily at addressing not only the external problems, but also internal causes deterioration of the skin. Note that professional cosmetics for face As any medical-preventive agent, gives the maximum effect when it is used regularly, playing the role of "support" means.

Usually, professional cosmetics for face   is created for a particular type of skin, so you need to understand that the best cosmetics for the face, the one that It is right for you . It is worth spending some time to find out exactly your skin type, which depends on the amount and activity of the sebaceous and sweat glands. Only four skin types: normal, combination, oily and dry.   If you do not know your type, or are not sure, then decide with them before buying a cream or a face mask, and how to do it, you can easily find on the Internet. After that you choose the right makeup and care program for the skin.

Any program consists of four phases: cleansing, hydration, nutrition and protection.   The first stage - cleansing is best done with milk, cleansing lotions or drugs of the same company that you selected as the primary for bringing his face in order. Not excluded, and folk remedies such as rubbing the skin melt or mineral water, a decoction of herbs and vegetable juices, the main thing that has been removed from the face of the remnants of makeup, sebum, and remained a net protective mantle of the skin. In addition to the cleaning agents, professional lines always include caring, feeding, protecting facials, face cream   and special whey. Proceeding sequentially, i.e. under the program, they reinforce each other's action, which immediately and in the best way affects the condition of the skin.

 Soothing cream from Janssen perfectly protects the skin against all weather conditions and can be used as a massage oil
 For example, German professional cosmetics «Janssen Cosmeceutical»   works on a specially designed and patented technological principle, the essence of which is that the first face moisturizer makes your skin sensitive to trace elements that nourish mask support vital functions of skin, and protect the drugs inhibit negative in terms of the aging process. This success was made possible after both «Janssen Cosmeceutical»   We started to use the products of biotechnology, as well as the best was borrowed from the thalasso, phytoplankton, aromatherapy.

 Cream with collagen Clapp designed specifically for aging skin listless
 Similar techniques are used by professional Face «Klapp» and «Babor», where all the components included in the preparations of their molecular structure similar to the structure of the skin, and some contain rich natural protein, so when exposed to the skin, run "asleep" mechanisms of rejuvenation.

Scientific experiments conducted by the European Centre of Gerontology, showed that professional cosmetics «Klapp» and «Babor»   one of the best, in terms of the maximum smoothing and moisturizing and skin, and is a major obstacle to the formation of wrinkles by activating the positive processes within the tissue.

Special attention is given professional cosmetics for face «Ahava» Based on a special complex of mineral salts and trace elements from the Dead Sea. The combination of active substances in cream and face masks «Ahava»   It is unique in its composition and promotes intensive moisturizing and skin regeneration, and a high concentration of natural salts restores moisture balance and keeps it at the appropriate level to 36 o'clock. Because the cosmetics act with the "ahead" of time, regular use Cosmetics «Ahava»   It provides constantly fresh look, even after a sleepless night.

 The main tool in the fight against the first signs of aging is the Creme Anti-Rides TP Payot
 French Face brand «Payot»   already in the fifties of the last century it has been the object of desire of women across Europe. Some natural ingredients and techniques «Payot» still kept a closely guarded secret. Professional Face «Payot»   has in its arsenal a few lines, stimulating, anti-aging, firming and line of extreme rejuvenation for all ages and skin types, amounts to more than a hundred products. The ability to remove traces of blood vessels on the face, effectively rejuvenate and medical care for the skin, leading to the fact that Face «Payot»   It was used both in the home and in the interiors worldwide.

 Milk Soap from the company Kristina is designed to gently and effectively cleanse
 On the uniqueness professional cosmetics from Israel «Holy Land» and «Christina»   a lot said and written in the print media, the Internet and on television. However, in this article do without another mention of its unique properties would not be entirely correct. Professional Face «Christina»   It became famous for its original line, which uses methods of rejuvenation and skin lightening, and «Holy Land»   is considered to be a leader in the development of cosmetic products for problem skin, related to the treatment and rehabilitation of texture.

Unless professional cosmetics   worldwide, honored more than any other, the domestic trade, focusing on popular brands, is not always possible to make an effective program for the care of skin due to fragmentation of the necessary resources or because of their complete lack. In a somewhat better position are those who have the opportunity to buy cosmetics in online stores . Of course, the right way to an online store first to choose. This will help to reduce the search time and will make it possible to buy cosmetics at an affordable price. Pay attention to details. For example, if Shop "Beauty Club" gives makeup its customers across Russia , What else can be limited outside the Moscow Ring Road, or near large cities. In some online store currently operate seasonal discounts, and in some cases you may be offered a nice gift. If you have a time for yourself select an online store, you will come to it are always happy, so it is also worth spending some time, because the beauty of this is.