"For" and "against" hair extensions
 Building up the beauty!

Celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Simpson, Miley Cyrus, Victoria Beckham and many others regularly surprise the world with new, wide variety of hairstyles, change colors, shapes, and even the length of your hair in just a couple of days. How do they do it?

This magic is possible thanks to the procedure of hair extensions and talented stylist.

Get the image you've always dreamed of

Many of us realize that our internal image has a long and thick hair, than the outside. My own muse has curly locks up to the hips ..., despite the fact that my hair barely reached the shoulders.

And that's why hair extensions so popular - not only in Hollywood! Girls around the world like to present themselves in different images, but they are required to achieve real-month ... but not now.

The Basics

Capacity is carried out not only to increase the length. You can also increase the amount (in addition to length), which is suitable for fine, thin hair.

Turn bean mane. If your hair, at least 8 centimeters in length, can carry capacity, although the degree of conversion may be limited, if they are very short. Naraschёnnye hair and if you want to cheat, stack, decorate various accessories.

You can also make bright strands or change color - from very quiet to very bright shade already naraschёnnyh hair.

The process of building is absolutely painless.

The bad news: hair extensions - not a cheap procedure. Depending on the type / condition of the hair, the quantity of the method of fixing the price may vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars - and this without considering the adjustment every six to eight weeks. You will also need time - six to eight hours - to the first treatment capacity.

The specialist who deals with this procedure can be called a master of hair extensions, or just stylist hairdresser. No matter what name he uses, ensure that the wizard has extensive experience with the building, and find out whether there are pictures of his work. Also make sure that you understand how the hair will be removed, and that the damage to your natural minimal. (Several stars, including Kate Beckinsale and Victoria Beckham have been a problem with balding, after naraschёnnye hair was removed).

What to look for

"Hair can create or ruin your image," - says stylist Safieh Cesar, asserting that there are several important issues that need to ask when choosing the right way to build.

What made stackable hair - they are synthetic and 100% natural human hair? (Human hair is more expensive than their synthetic analogues).

What to avoid

The most important point in the procedure is to avoid build-up of strands that are heavier than your own hair. If you increase hair too heavy, they will damage your natural, so your hair should be long and healthy enough to withstand the pressure.

Ask about the possibility to get the hair of different weights, because the same type is not suitable for all customers. In particular capacity strands differ from your hair is likely to bring a lot of problems. Safieh recommends Hair Extensions Hairdreams, which vary in weight and thickness, and easy to pick up at your natural. As well as a very broad palette of shades. Hairdreams can hold up to seven months, and the hair can be reused, which also helps reduce the cost of new hair, and their removal.

How problematic naraschёnnye hair? How much time did it take to care?

For naraschёnnymi hair is not difficult to care for. One need only keep track of them, for example, to maintain color. She says she spends about an hour in the salon every six weeks for care.

There are a few rules to help you take care of naraschёnnymi hair.

With natural naraschёnnymi hair can be treated as well as with their own, but more gently.

Use a brush made specifically for naraschёnnyh hair so as not to damage the new hair or junction.

Use a mild shampoo and cool water to the hair does not tangle.

Light Conditioner will help to reduce confusion and make your new hair easy to comb.

Before going to bed make a tail or otherwise remove hair, so that no mats.
Author: Ann, New York