Harmful or beneficial tanning in a solarium?
 Definitely talk about the exclusive use or exclusive dangers of the sun is not necessary. Everything is good in moderation, and this applies to sunlight. The positive effect of ultraviolet radiation is the synthesis, or rather, the transition to the active fraction of vitamin D. Lack of this vitamin in children leads to the development of rickets. In adults, vitamin D deficiency is manifested in violation of calcium metabolism. This vitamin is involved in a number of processes in which synthesized the most important substances for the body. It represents tan and aesthetic value. Most people associate tanned skin with good health.

However, there are some negative aspects of the action of ultraviolet radiation .  Three types of UV - A, B and C. .  The greatest danger to humans of C-rays, which cause mutations in the cells of the skin and can lead to skin cancer (melanoma) .  Luckily, these rays are filtered by the ozone layer of the Earth .  It is not happiness, for the inhabitants of Australia, South Africa, the ozone layer over their countries' rapidly becomes thinner, causing skin cancer and melanoma is growing rapidly .  The Rays and the action surface .  They oxidize melanin contained in skin cells, which then become dark, causing tan .  Rays are more dangerous because they can cause mutations in skin cells .  They are acting on the melanocytes - cells that produce the pigment melanin synthesis stimulated .  Especially harmful excess stay under the sun for children .  The skin in children is significantly less protective properties, and therefore often have serious burns .  Perhaps this is the explanation for the fact that people whose parents liked to leave them in the sun as a child, a significantly increased risk of melanoma and skin cancer .  Ultraviolet is a factor that causes premature aging called photoaging .  Acting on elastin and collagen, it contributes to their destruction .  Thus, once again, everything, including sunburn, is good in moderation .  Light tan stimulating a number of processes and does not cause side effects.

What is a solarium?

Solarium - a playground, protected on all sides from the wind, for sunbathing. The artificial tanning bed instead of a natural UV, used artificial. Today, artificial solarium presented as an ordinary UV lamps, and lamps, built-in special chambers or booths. The most popular and widely used as a solarium booths. There are horizontal and vertical solarium. In horizontal during a session of a person lies. In vertical solarium body does not touch the bulbs - in the session is sunbathing. The large solarium you can even do some exercise, such as running in place. The advantage of vertical solarium is the lack of contact with the lamp body. While the showrooms where care about reputation, lamps wipe after each use.

Advantages of the solarium

The main advantage of the solarium before the sun is precise dosage of UV dose.   Being in the sun, you never know how much ultraviolet radiation received your skin. It is therefore often appear burns to the skin, which many consider the stage of ordinary sunburn. Moreover, the precise dosage reduces the risk of skin cancer and melanoma. Unlike the sun, where there are all kinds of rays, including C, at least in small quantities, tanning lamps emit only A and B rays. Thus it is possible to regulate their operation, thereby achieving the desired result. So, with the help of feedback only A-rays can get a quick and light tan, and with the help of B rays - long-term effect. By combining their effects, you can achieve the best results for everyone. The undoubted advantage of the solarium is it different from the southern sun, which is not available for all year round.
Author: Network tanning studios ART TANNING