Infrared sauna - miracle of technology, and a new word in the heat treatment.
 You see, do not miss your chance:
The milk is first dive,
Here in the pot with water boiled,
And in ottudova The cold.

Ivan looked skating
And immediately he dived into the pot,
Here, in the other, there is also a third,
And so he became a comely,
Whatever you say in a fairy tale,
No pen can not write!
"Horse-humpback» Peter Yershov

All of us have become accustomed to use for the recovery and improve the appearance of a variety of spa treatments, and with the advent of cold weather there is increasingly thought: Do not go to the sauna - warm up, wash ailments, stress and fatigue, rejuvenate?

Along with the traditional steam bath, Finnish and Russian saunas are increasingly in advertisements flashed offers infrared sauna. What is this miracle of technology is, and what its difference from the rest of the saunas and baths?

At the heart of this new product is the direct heating of the human body infrared (heat) radiation. Traditional sauna and steam bath can offer only the heating surfaces of the body's tissues. In a conventional sauna where the temperature is about 120 degrees body warms up to a depth of only about 1 mm, as the locking mechanism is triggered proliferation of powerful flow of heat into the body. The infrared sauna rays penetrate into the human body to a depth of 4-5 centimeters, so warmed all the internal organs, though at a much lower temperature of the air inside the sauna (40-60 degrees). Compared to traditional baths and saunas transfer procedure much easier, reducing the risk of injury to the respiratory system, narrowing of blood vessels and, as a result, dizziness.

 Infrared sauna - miracle of technology, and a new word in the heat treatment.
 Infrared saunas have come from Japan, which has always been very careful attitude to health. Then they conquered America and Europe. And now the fashion for this method of healing, and got to us. Useful qualities of such a lot of saunas, list only the main ones:

• Infrared sauna - a true helper in the fight cellulite and excess weight. Studies show that 30 minutes to lose weight from 0, 3 and 1, 2 kg, depending on the individual.

• infrared sauna strengthens the immune system, improves circulation, speeds up metabolism, burn calories (2400 kcal.), Which is comparable to jogging for 10-15 km, passes a sense of fatigue and drowsiness.

• Fabrics are enriched with oxygen, more open and cleaned the pores, so 2-3 times higher perspiration and an order of magnitude more efficient removal of residues. The composition of sweat contains approximately 80% water and 20% solids, such as cholesterol (cholesterol), toxins, acids, toxins, nicotine, heavy metals, etc. As a result of sweating, open the pores, which are not operated for many years. Removes dead skin cells, the skin becomes smooth and elastic. There is a cleansing necessary for cosmetic treatments. It addresses a number of skin diseases: acne, pimples, nettle rash, dandruff. It improves complexion, wrinkles, younger looking skin. Scars on the skin, even colloidal, mitigated, and in some cases resolve. It reduces the level of odors, emissions skin.

The infrared sauna is effective for the treatment and prevention of many diseases - the list would take a whole page - here and sleep disorders, and cardiovascular diseases, and kidney disease, and many others.

 Infrared sauna - miracle of technology, and a new word in the heat treatment.
 In the cold period of the year when colds literally attacked us from all sides, the use of a sauna is hard to overestimate. Even one session increases the body's resistance to infection and hinders the process of viral replication. After all, the body temperature in the infrared cabin rises to 38, 5 C, mimicking the natural response to infection, with suppressed vital functions of pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Consequently, regular sessions not only allow you to avoid colds, but also can help combat these diseases as soon as they began, reducing recovery time. In addition, the infrared sauna is much more effective are cured of the disease, which is traditionally used for warming the body with infrared rays - bronchitis, pneumonia, rhinitis, etc.

But, nevertheless, there is her and contraindications:


Recent myocardial infarction or stroke

Frequent fainting

Severe sclerosis, neurological disorders

The presence of implanted artificial organs

Well, the rest may be advisable, at least a couple times a week to attend the procedure in the infrared sauna, or purchase a mini-sauna for home use. Externally the standard infra-red cabin is a wardrobe of environmentally friendly materials (natural wood) with a glass door. Infrared emitters are mounted in the walls and under the seats. Places of cabinet does not take a lot, and it is easy to connect, we need a common socket 220 - and within 15 minutes after turning on to enjoy the unique beauty and wellness treatments. For 20-30 minutes in the cabin is achieved result (for burning calories) same as for 2-3 hours in a traditional bath. And when applied to the skin nourishing creams infrared procedures give much greater effect.

If you badly transfer thermal procedures in the infrared cabin, you can turn off the heat mode and treated exceptionally rays.

Bath procedure in an infrared sauna is somewhat different from the traditional - you sit quietly for half an hour in a booth, back straight and arms stretched along the body, then take a warm shower to wash away the sweat. And no contrasting procedures! To compensate for the loss of moisture, after the session useful cup of fragrant green tea.

What else very important: after an infrared sauna you feel relaxed and sleepy, but on the contrary, you feel a burst of energy and vigor, so that you can immediately get to various important current affairs.

The infrared sauna is great for those who want to be always young, beautiful and healthy!
Author: Olga Travleeva