Secrets of Healthy Skin
 The old fairy tale in which a princess parted the frog turns into a garment and beauty, today more like a true story. The clinic of the Moscow Institute of Cybernetic Medicine, a new medical-diagnostic program that allows you to deal with almost the worst skin and infectious and allergic diseases. It applies the perfect approach to the diagnosis and treatment of allergies, dermatitis, diathesis, bronchial asthma, urticaria, eczema, shingles.

About the latest achievements of modern medicine tells KMIKM leading specialist, doctor-dermatologist, PhD Valery Malkevich.

- Valery, if someone had told me that doctors have created some miraculous ointment for the treatment of allergies, acne or urticaria, everything would be clear. But you use conventional medicines. And achieve amazing results. What is the secret of success?

- The non-traditional approach to the diagnosis and treatment of skin and allergic diseases. We see them as a consequence of certain pathological processes in the body. Moreover, these processes may be both explicit and implicit, and even not be detected by conventional diagnostic methods.

Independent of skin diseases, from my point of view, generally can not be. Anyone smallest pimple on the body - this is only a signal of an existing breach in the body, and not a problem as such. Remove the internal causes and the skin itself becomes clean. You do not need any miracle ointment ...

-   And as you can see what is hidden and can not be determined? ..

- I'm talking about the usual methods of diagnosis. This is the first. And secondly, the majority of skin diseases, as you know, is diagnosed only on external manifestations. Additional surveys, except for confirming laboratory tests, you nobody anywhere does not appoint. And why ?! No need to be an expert to distinguish herpes from thrush, eczema or from erysipelas ... What else you need to check? Treat it! ..

But the fact of the matter is that the consultation of the dermatologist - it's not just filling a medical card, after calling on the name of the disease, we can not put an end to the diagnosis. This, if you want only the beginning of medical work. We need to know exactly what kind of violations have led to the disease than, in turn, caused by themselves. Rate - the complex - the work of all organs and systems, to identify related disorders. And then fill the card and make any recommendations. This applies especially to the infectious-allergic reactions ...

- Forgive me, then I'll kill you. I would like to ask about his ... Here, for example, the treatment of allergies. I have allergies since childhood. If the "abused" or sing sweet oranges, certainly blush. Or do not blush if I abstain from allergenic foods. Like me - millions. And our problem is simply called "allergic constitution." Is it possible to call a violation? We actually do something to help?

- A very good question. Here, as in politics, to prohibit the constitution we can not but make some changes - medicine is quite capable. How many offenses are linked with the imperfection of laws, and disease - a sign of certain flaws in the work of the organs and body systems. Moreover, the nature of us in the majority of cases is known - it is overt and covert infection ...

Most recently, the Americans had made a very important discovery: the toxins secreted by bacteria, viruses and parasites are primary and very aggressive allergens, which distort our reactivity. They are launching a chain, or rather, duster reaction, called an allergy. That is an allergy - it is only a consequence of subtle immune and biochemical disorders, which occurred due to the fault of microorganisms ...

At the time when this discovery was only a hypothesis, I introduced into medical practice is such a thing as "the level of allergic reactivity of the organism." So now we have to prove that the presence of any infection significantly increases the allergic component, causing us to cough and sneeze on pollen, dapple after eating, choking dust from a simple room ...

- That is, people with allergies, be sure something sick?

- Not certainly in that way. Clinical signs of infectious disease you might not be. You conventional carrier of the virus. Moved inflammation in childhood or even in utero. The essence does not change. The main thing is now you live with the very allergic constitution, which complain.

- What should I do with it?

- And you just tell me yourself. I tell you just a little help.

In humans, there are four "laboratories" are responsible for the detoxification and excretion of metabolic products from the body. First of all, it is the liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, led by the spleen, and intestines. They fight infection and products of its life. If you have allergies, it means that ...

-   Disrupt some of the laboratories ...

- Quite true. Because skin diseases, in fact - it is unnatural, abnormal, a way of removing toxins from the body. And to recover, you need to fix the main, inner damage!

- That is what you are doing?

- Yes. With the help of special diagnostic programs and tailor-made treatment.

- Tell us how they are conducted.

- The patient is written to us the diagnosis: "Life without allergies and skin diseases", "Life without psoriasis," "Life without asthma," in which the survey is conducted on the body's latent infection and complete audit of all existing violations in the work of the internal organs. Programs include more than twenty modern high-precision survey and laboratory analysis, systemic treatment which allows you to come to an understanding the root causes of disease. Consulting a dermatologist performed when they are ready all the results of the survey. It was then that begins the creative part of the job - the doctor develops a strategy of treatment for each individual patient. For general schemes in the treatment of skin and allergic diseases, and there can not be. Practice shows that this approach can give a pronounced and persistent positive.

- Others are no secrets? ..

- Of course I have. But the secrets to exist, to disclose their ... not until the end. Of course, in our treatment there are some subtleties. In the clinic, day hospital, which used complex techniques developed by our specialists. Analogues of them, I think, today you will not find.

If we talk about ways of treatment, in addition to well-known and proven pharmaceuticals, we use homeopathy, herbal medicine, ultraviolet irradiation and oxygenation (oxygen saturation) in the blood, cryotherapy (the impact of ultra-low temperature) and much more. However, our main weapon in the fight against the disease - focused on the impact on the immune defense system, detoxification, normalization of intestinal flora, that is the work of the four "laboratories", the importance of which we are now talking about.

- How can you get to your treatment? And what will it take?

- Only one condition: the presence of any skin or allergic disease, and the severity of any statute of limitations: eczema, dermatitis, herpes zoster, fungal and viral lesions of the skin, mucous membranes, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, polyvalent allergy, hives, etc. Well, of course, the desire to get rid of him.

 Secrets of Healthy Skin
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