Announce please the entire list! Part One (A-F)
 Decrypts the ingredients on the packaging of cosmetic products.

The list of ingredients on the packaging of creams, gels and tonics are always impressive in its scope and complexity of the language. Proretinol, kaolin, stearic acid and glyceryl - it really is, and how beneficial for our skin?

Acrylate / Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer S10-30   - Thickener

Allantoin   - Soothing and anti-inflammatory agent. Allantoin is obtained from comfrey root and sprouted wheat. Allantoin softens the horny layer and promotes the separation of dead cells, thereby effectively prevents clogging of the pores, the formation of comedones (blackheads), helps to narrow pores and skin treatment, has a strong regenerative effect.

Bentonite -   natural clay, gently exfoliate dead skin cells and pull toxins and other contaminants.

Betaine - An important component of skin cells. Able to protect the skin against mechanical and chemical damage, actively moisturizes and protects skin cells. Natural betaine extracted from the Scandinavian sugar beet using special modern patented technology.

Butylhydroxytoluene   - A crystalline substance insoluble in water but soluble in fats and oils. It is used as an antioxidant and preservative in cosmetics, in the food industry.

Butylhydroxyanisol   - Synthetic product, referring to the phenol derivative. Used as an effective antioxidant and preservative in cosmetics. In foreign scientific literature, it is known by the acronym VNA.

Vaseline oil-   emollient, acts as a protective barrier of the skin and helps retain moisture.

Hybrid safflower oil-   Natural essential oils, moisturizing the skin and retaining moisture in it.

Hydroxyethyl cellulose   - Thickener, stabilizer, coupling agent. Obtained from cotton or wood after alkali treatment.

Hydrogenated castor oil   - Castor oil obtained by hydrogenation. Unlike conventional castor oil, it has a dense texture, a high melting point and resistance to rancidity, which makes it a valuable component of makeup products. It softens skin, restores natural moisture level.

Hydrogenated soy glyceride -   natural moisturizer, toning and moisturizing the skin.

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein -   protein, smooths the skin by retaining moisture. Also tones the skin and helps reduce dryness.

Glitseret-2 Cocoate   - Very soft surfactants, humectant. Its use reduces the concentration of the main detergent, thereby reducing its dermatological rigidity. It allows you to make a beautiful and stable foam, as well as to achieve the desired viscosity is not only due to the introduction of salt.

Glycerin - Colorless oily liquid sweetness produced by hydrolysis of fats or synthetic means. It is used in cosmetics as a solvent, emulsifier, moisturizer and softener.

Glyceryl   - Ester of trihydric alcohol glycerol and stearic acid. Produced from vegetable raw materials (also possible biochemical synthesis). It acts as an emulsifier to stabilize the emulsion creams, cosmetic creams, mascara, etc.

Glitseret 26 -   a humectant retaining moisture in the skin.

Disodium laureth-3 sulfosuccinate   - Surfactant exhibits good detergency and foaming properties.

Disodium EDTA - Chelating additive binds metal ions into soluble compounds is used as a preservative and stabilizer.

Dimethicone   - Natural silicon, which is a viscous oily liquid. It is used in cosmetics as a component of improving the structure and interoperability of the various ingredients in the formulation. It has a mild protective effect on the skin.

Silica -   It absorbs excess sebum.

Pearl hydrolyzate   - Pearl powder containing 18 amino acids and micronutrients. Often used in Chinese cosmetics.

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Author: Elena Volodina