Beauty inside out
 Science skin care is now "internal" problems, including the use of multi-vitamins, which is a natural part of efforts to counteract aging. A new look at the problems that we should get acquainted, says Zhenevyuv Monsma (Genevieve Monsma).

What to do? You wonder, watching Diane Keaton (Diane Keaton), with its famous smile fresh commercials, where she extols a new skin cream, showing off their beautiful biceps .  Muscles sell moisturizers? Advertising moisturizer «Age-Perfect Pro-Calcium Restorative Hydrating Cream» company L'Oreal Paris connects bone formation with skin care .  Right: calcium and other vitamins are good for the skin .  But do not switch the channel - the story becomes more intriguing .  Vitamins and supplements are now the fastest growing market segments for counteracting aging of the skin .  Despite the fact that the cosmetic companies offer a cream rich in vitamins and serum for several years, and even at present, the latest trend is to focus on tablets .  Leading brands such as Kinerase, Olay and N .  V .  Perricone M . D .  already submitted beauty capsule, saying that they can do from the inside what the cream can do outside .  Proper vitamin beauty, said Rachel West (West), - it is a California osteopath, who "can bring the internal workings of your body to the optimum level, which, of course, affect the condition of your skin, hair and nails" .

Is not it wonderful is that we waited for this rapid success? From 1997 to 2002 the production of supplements received 34% sales increase and reached a level of 19 billion dollars annually, providing a choice to try comely pill ...

"Every day brings new evidence on the benefits of supplements," - says Nicholas Perricone (Nicholas Perricone), Doctor of Medical Sciences in the field of dermatology and author of "Wrinkle Treatment» (The Wrinkle Cure). In addition, the pioneer of the cosmetics industry, which produces a successful line of products Perricone began his business by releasing a multivitamin and capsules of omega-3 and antioxidants powders, mushroom extracts and mixtures of peptides. It considers skin aging resulting low grade inflammation at the cellular level. Supplements can help to counteract the inflammation.

Despite its advantages, vitamins and supplements are meal, rather than drugs   and so they are not regulated by the Office of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In addition, it is difficult to ignore the comprehensive studies conducted dermatological community, which confirm support the skin properties of these agents. One of the latest, presented in the journal «The Journal of Investigative Dermatology», indicates that some people who took a long time, vitamins C and E, have noticed a decrease in the visible signs of premature aging.

So why you can not eat better, to look better?   "The food we ate only 100 years ago, includes 10 times more nutrients than what we eat now," says New York City nutritionist Esther Blum (Esther Blum), author of "Eat, drink and feel great »(Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous). "But do not blame the farmers. For financial survival they have to use an excess amount of fertilizer, which, in turn, dramatically reduces the amount of minerals in plants. " Contrast this with the fact that your blood delivers most of the nutrients derived from food into the main organs such as the heart and liver, leaving your hair, skin and nails with virtually nothing - and you will understand the need for reinforced measures to obtain the missing carbonates , fats and proteins.

So Does the fact that a growing number of vitamins and supplements in the market of skin care products that will soon come a time when you can throw all the bottles of expensive creams?   Not certainly in that way. These so-called surface means are penetrating the top layer of skin, improving exfoliation and thickening of the skin surface. That's why cosmetic companies claim that their tools provide improved condition. It is difficult to determine the amount of nutrients coming into your hair, skin and nails. While on the other hand, since it is difficult to determine how deeply penetrate your cream. We advise you to act on both sides.

To find out whether you get the optimal amount of nutrients for your skin type, do not necessarily turn to the professionals. Below is a list of supplements that you can incorporate into your daily diet:

Use antioxidants to fight aging

  Vitamins C and E, alpha-lipoic acid, selenium and CoQ10 protects the skin from free radicals and environmental impacts, while maintaining the level of collagen and elastin and slowing down the formation of wrinkles.

"B" - for supple skin and strong hair and nails

A small drawback of vitamin B can cause brittle and thin hair, or tired skin.

Try Omega to achieve smoothness

  To relieve irritation, use natural fatty acids (omega 3 and 6): The latest studies have shown that they can resist psoriasis, eczema and acne.


Dull skin can be the result undermined the intestinal tract, says Blum. Probiotics (Probiotic) can save the radiance of the skin, slowing down the rapid growth of yeast.

ZAP ZITS with zinc . To regulate the production of fat, which may cause inflammation.