Modern cosmetics: new - it is well forgotten old?
 The year 2008. New Year is always associated with new hopes and aspirations. In the field of medical cosmetics in the past year there were no special novelties. I am referring to those that could no doubt be called "bombs", promising new direction in cosmetology. All new cream that appeared in pharmacies, anyway, were "copies" or combinations of old ideas and components.

 New items Cosmetics
 Manufacturers are increasingly returning to the long-known components, well-studied and proven practice compositions. For example, one of the novelties of 2007 Lierac - Cream Crème Régénérante - Mat-Chrono   - A combination of well-known components: vitamins A, C, E   (prisoners in the vegetable microspheres) salicylic acid, rice and alfalfa extracts   in active concentrations and glycerol   as a moisturizer. It is a reasonable composition for the evening drawing (for oily and combination skin). Action moisturizing, nourishing and regenerating, anti-inflammatory and matting.

As a complement to this regenerating cream is suggested to use essence Which has a richer composition: besides vitamins and salicylic acid in it contains plant extracts of Mexican cactus prickly pear, ginger, cinnamon and burnet . Their action is aimed at the preservation of youthful skin, eliminating fine lines, restore normal hydration. And creams, and essences comprise a mass of auxiliary components, stabilizers and preservatives, of course, allowable concentrations. Otherwise it is impossible to ensure the stability of such a complex structure, the shelf life long enough.

Reviews of these products are completely different - from enthusiastic to negative. More like this series of women aged 30 years, a pronounced effect was observed matting and moisturizing the skin, as well as refreshing effect and improve the complexion with prolonged use.

 New items Cosmetics
 Next novelty introduced in pharmacies in the spring of 2007 - Cream Crème Hydra-Apaisante - Toléderm from Uriage . This tool is intended for the care of skin hyper-reactivity, it is extremely prone to allergic reactions. Traditionally, the cream of this brand is based on the eponymous thermal water , Which provides the bulk of the therapeutic effect (due to mineral components), its task - to quickly remove the unnecessary irritation and skin sensitivity. The basis of the existing complex and comprise seaweed extract, glycerin, squalane .

Women who use the cream, stressed that most of it is suitable for dry and sensitive skin, moisturizes better than Roseliane , A product of the same firm for sensitive skin. The manufacturer notes that the cream It does not contain parabens, dyes and alcohol It does not cause formation of comedones, hypoallergenic. But the composition is still present some components that provide stability.

 New items Cosmetics
 Oily sensitive skin is cream-gel Gel-Crème Matifiant - Sébium Mat by Bioderm . The first act, which states that for the cream - matting, carried out by Special microparticles That affect the process of sebum, absorbing its excess, providing a reflective effect and, thereby, visually smoothing the skin relief. In addition to the physiological regulation of the production of fats introduced zinc gluconate and pyridoxine   (vitamin B6). Not without alpha-hydroxy acids Which are now present in every cream for oily and combination skin, as they have strong peeling effect.

One can cite many examples showing that research and development in the field of medical cosmetics generally are on the famous "track." This is understandable, because in this case the researchers are clearly distinguished application created cosmetic products - for sensitive skin with a number of problems (presence of dermatological diseases, allergic reactions, and so on.). On the other hand, if the component composition of cosmetics are effective, why invent something radically new?

Sometimes hasty experiments with cosmetics (I mean the use of multiple creams with the aim to choose only one) leads to sad consequences in the form of allergic dermatitis. To the process of selecting the cream was not painful as the consequences of its application, it is necessary to choose cosmetics with knowledge of the case.   It - truths that should be remembered every woman!

The ideal option is to use the original probes desired cream But this course of events is not always possible, in this case should first try a new cream on the skin of the elbow (if your skin has a tendency to allergies). Place of purchase   It is also important: the cream is better to buy from a specialist store or pharmacy.

Of course, do not forget about skin type and age . One cream that is ideal for 50-year-old woman, is not always suitable for her daughter! And another thing: do not trust creams that promise very quick relief from existing skin problems, when it comes, for example, about wrinkles, lifting and improving the complexion. These are problems that are solved with the help of cosmetics in a fairly long period of time. On the contrary, itching and burning drugs and medicines medical cosmetics can remove quickly enough.
Author: Olga Zorina