Plastic surgery: is it worth it? Part 3

Scientists have created an amazing product that prevents premature appearance of sun spots, moles and wrinkles. It is called sunscreen. If you have not used it for most of your life, laser treatments can help erase some of the damage that may have received your skin. New methods of laser action by tightening the skin and the disappearance of sunspots, require less time for recovery and have fewer complications than older methods, says an expert on laser treatment in New Jersey, MD Cheysin Mitchell (Mitchell Chasin). To combat the more serious damage from sun exposure and apply exfoliating fillers. These methods are only aesthetic value, while the sunscreen is the best means, than the laser when it comes to your health (and, of course, the cream is much cheaper).

Sagging skin. Dark spots

Treatment:   laser irradiation on the skin surface.

Suitable for:   destruction of small moles and sunspots and wrinkles that appear as a result of exposure to sunlight.

How it works: two latest laser technology - Titan and Fraxel - use infrared radiation to penetrate the skin. Titan penetrates deeper and stimulates the production of collagen, which tightens it. Fraxel creates tiny wounds in the top layer of skin. When there are processes of self-healing, sun spots and moles disappear. In this structure, elasticity and skin tone improves.

Time of recovery: using Fraxel - redness for two days, possibly peeling. When using Titan -pokrasnenie about 6 hours.

Pros:   your skin is gradually updated without prolonged redness or pain.

Minuses:   results should be expected within four to six weeks, and they are not as significant as when using the old techniques. It takes three to five treatments of laser exposure.

Damage from the sun

Treatment:   exfoliation.

Suitable for:   people with superficial wrinkles and damage from sunlight.

How it works: chemical solution hits the top layer of the skin and destroy damaged cells. After getting rid of them, there is a new skin. For wrinkles best trichloroacetic acid. Also used glycolic and lactic acid, which operate at a shallow depth.

Time of recovery:   about a week peeling and flaking.

Pros:   20-30% trichloroacetic acid dissolves sun spots and improve skin texture. Repeated treatments exfoliating (peeling) enhances the ability of the skin to produce collagen.

Minuses:   during the exfoliation you will feel a burning sensation, which is very much concerned about some people. Can scars because of too much solution or too long of its application, warns Dr. Victor (Victor). So it is better to consult a dermatologist, specializes in these procedures.

Deep wrinkles

Treatment:   administered excipients.

Intended:   drug Radiesse (consisting of tiny synthetic beads of calcium) is used for smoothing nasolabial folds and deep skin defects. Preparation Sculptra (poly-L-lactic acid used in absorbable sutures) is used for filling of cheeks vpadshih.

How it works:   hyaluronic acid, collagen and a silicone operate in the same manner as in procedures carried out with the lips.

Time of recovery:
  swelling and bruising for a week.

Pros:   results using both of the above fillers have a duration of 5 years, no other vehicle can not guarantee this. Sculptra stimulates the natural production of collagen.

Minuses:   as fillers have a long duration of action, and any possible complications, such as bumps near the injection site also remain a long time. Both filler rather dense, so they should be administered via a needle large enough so that the recovery lasts longer, says Dr. Romo (Romo). You run the risk of focusing on long-term results, as these fillers have not yet been studied in such detail as the others.