Plastic surgery: is it worth it? Part 1
 Through articles about celebrities and transactions carried out by them to change the shape of the lips and noses, as well as the dramatic events from the world of plastic surgery being shown during prime time, suspenders and kinks received unprecedented publicity and popularity ("everyone does it"). (Why, even the occasional pop singer became famous, shortening his nose and saying that she likes her body, in the pages of the famous magazine).
  But if you're going to do this, you should learn more about what you want to get involved.


As with age, your skin loses its elasticity, your eyelids can sag, and you may receive the bags under the eyes. When using the old way of lifting the upper and lower eyelids are often removed too much fat, says MD Cornell Medical College Haidee Hirmand (Haideh). "This created a kind of devastated, we are trying to avoid." Now the doctor is not just the fat is removed, they move it.

People with dark circles and hollows have the possibility to resort to the scalpel through the use of fillers and introduced a new form of sclerotherapy, in which by means of injection of saline removed the superficial veins under the eyes. Better yet, do this: start using the products for the eyes, which can help prevent possible damage.

Sagging eyelids

Treatment:   eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) with new, more natural-looking results.

Suitable for   "People who are by nature endowed with a little space age" - says Dr. Hirmand. Operation is necessary, if your skin in that area begins to hang over the eye.

How it works:   hanging skin is removed through incisions of the upper eyelid wrinkles. A small amount of fat is moved or deleted, the whole area is pulled and stretched.

Time of recovery:   about a week to attend the swelling and bruising.

Pros:   minimum scars are well hidden.

Minuses:   If removed too much skin or fat, you can get the "deer" look. In rare cases, it may happen that you can not completely cover the eye. "blepharoplasty can change the look of your eyes," Dr. Hirmand -prevents. "Ask your doctor to model result, pulling and tucking your eyelids. "

Eye bags

Treatment: Blepharoplasty lower eyelid.

Suitable for:   heavy bags, which appeared due to the predisposition to them or because of age or people who look more tired than it actually is.

How it works:   the doctor makes an incision in the lower lashes and moves fat, strengthen muscles and remove excess skin. If swelling bothers you, think about a partial lifting (neperforiruyuschaya blepharoplasty). One incision is performed from the inside of the lower eyelid.

Time of recovery:   about ten days will present swelling and bruising.

Pros:   if the skin is not removed, the scar is completely invisible.

Minuses:   cuts the lower lashes may not disappear within a year. (You can hide their foundation, but if you want to do that?) The procedure can change the shape of the cut of your eyes, especially in the inner parts, if it is not performed correctly.

Hollows under the eyes

Treatment:   injections of hyaluronic acid.

Suitable for   light changes.

How it works:   doctor injects a small amount of synthetic hyaluronic acid in depression. Hyaluronic acid, which is by nature present in the human body, has hydrating and utolschayayuschim effect that makes it an ideal excipient. In addition, it helps reduce dark circles, creating a layer between your skin and the blood vessels that cause browning says Dr. Hirmand.

Time of recovery:   about a week to attend the swelling and bruising. Bruising more likely with injections around the eyes, as soft skin filled with blood vessels.

Pros: hyaluronic acid svobodnopotochna more than fat (which was previously used as a filler), and can provide a smoother and more natural look.

Minuses:   as hyaluronic acid attracts water, injection of too much acid can create swelling or roughness. Furthermore, there is little risk of occurrence of visual impairment or blindness due to injection in the vicinity of the eye.

Dark circles

Treatment:   sclerotherapy.

Suitable for   all who suffer from the appearance of dark circles, but it has to tighten the skin and is willing to try a new procedure ...

How it works:
  Steven Victor (Steven Victor), MD, a dermatologist in New York, believes that the superficial veins create dark circles. He enters into the veins of a special composition (often salt water), which irritates the walls of capillaries. Then they break down and are absorbed by your body.

Time of recovery:   the tumor will be present for one to two weeks; It may require two or three treatments.

Pros:   no darkening.

Minuses:   Sclerotherapy has been developed to deal with spider veins on the legs. Using this technique, the eye area is experimental and potentially dangerous.