Pros and cons of "youth injections'
 Botox - one of the most popular to date methods of rejuvenation. "Injections of beauty" made many famous Hollywood actress. Iektsii Botox - it is an effective and safe way to get rid of wrinkles. This drug is approved by youth around the world and has passed the test of time.

However, today there are many Botox opponents. So, the demand for beauty shots seriously fell after the release of the novel «Casual» popular female writer Oksana Robski. Her character, a wealthy mistress of the mansion on the ruble, makes a Botox injections under the eye and then with horror finds results salon treatments: dead, emotionless face.

  Indeed, the active use of Botox can cause your face will not be able to express emotions. Smiles and laughter have contained. However, according to experts, the effect of petrified faces observed in patients only with drug abuse - if the doctor introduced too large doses of Botox. And the Council apply only proven clinic to experienced specialists. If, however, the results are not satisfied - then in 1-2 months unpleasant effect will disappear by itself.

  Using Botox can be for a long time. Do iektsii as required permissible for ten years. However, it only helps with minor age-related changes, primarily in the fight against mimic wrinkles that appear in women after 26-30 years. If the skin has lost vitality, limp - botox is one here is not enough - you need plastic surgery.

  Another argument of opponents of Botox - the emergence of double chin because of frequent injections in the forehead and under the eyes. Experts argue that injections relax the muscles and the skin is not stretched or deformed. And the appearance of double chin is usually associated with age-related changes in patients.
Author: Yulia Egorova