The terms I do not enemies or knowledge Arm
 Every woman wants to be young and beautiful, dreams keep those precious moments as long as possible and is ready to go on various experiments .  In our modern world to extend the beauty can afford many women .  Their assistants are varied and are located in different areas of science .  The main partner is the medicine that has in its arsenal of anti-aging medicine and surgery, plastic, cosmetic surgery to correct "failed parts" of the face and body .  Medicine helps to "cosmetics market", which churns out cosmetic products, producing cosmetics, lotions, serums, gels, masks, etc. . d .  These products can be used both at home and in salons with professional beauticians .  Innovative technologies in medicine and cosmetic trends appear rapidly, accelerating the desire of women to use these procedures in order to preserve their dream - to be beautiful and forever young .

We often hear unfamiliar terms in beauty salons, medical offices, see them in advertising, on the packaging of cosmetic products and often do not know what they mean. And, in fact, depends on the proper use of cosmetics and medicines. Possession of terminology and meaning of beauty treatments facilitate understanding between you and the professionals when it came the need to ask for their help. Therefore, in order to keep up with the beauty industry needed knowledge that will help to indicate your desires and get a nice result.

Let's try to arm them.

Collagen   - A protein of connective tissue, are the building blocks of collagen fibers forming a "skeleton" of the skin. This protein is responsible for the elasticity and skin moisture. Included in the composition of cosmetic products (creams for the face, body and hands), but collagen molecules are large enough to easily penetrate through the epidermis and replace natural protein. Therefore, for a deeper penetration of hardware cosmetology use special methods (electrophoresis, galvanic current).

Liposomes - Tiny spherical particles with useful substances inside. Liposomes obtained by artificial means and in cosmetics are used to deliver substances into the skin cells. Often the label in a cream or gel can be read word "nanosomes" - it is the same as that of liposomes.

Botox (Botox)   - A medicine containing botulinum toxin (the causative agent of botulism produced), which is injected into the muscles of thin needles. With the introduction of the drug into the skin occurs blocking of the nerve impulse, and therefore relaxation and paralysis of facial muscles, t. E. The muscles to contract and cease to mimic the movements of the skin is not going to fold, does not form wrinkles. Botulinum toxin type A (Botox is so called for the Scientific) is used in cosmetics for smoothing wrinkles.

Antioxidants   - Nutrients, hindering the processes of oxidation in the body, thereby hindering the process of aging and protect skin from the harmful effects. In cosmetic products as a preservative used most popular antioxidant - vitamin C.

Kaolin (white clay)   is a natural, purified white powder which combines with water, forms a suspension. Kaolin is an excellent cleansing and soothing substance that removes impurities from the pores and absorb fat. It is used in the manufacture of powders, tooth pastes, creams, and face masks.

Restylane (Restylane)   - Preparation consisting of hyaluronic acid, a very high degree of purification. Used in contouring to increase the volume and adjust the shape of the lips, as well as for smoothing wrinkles.

Bronzers   It is part of many cosmetic tanning, as a substance, surface staining the skin in warm tones of tan.

Carnauba Wax   is formed on the surface of the palm leaf wax, upon drying of the sheet can be easily separated in the form of thin plates. That is why refined carnauba wax found its application as a basis for ointments and creams for hair removal.

Lifting from the English word lift «lifting, lifting" means "lift" the skin. Sometimes surgical and nonsurgical facelift using special lifting equipment and hardware techniques. Lifting is used to correct age-related changes of facial contours, smooth wrinkles.

Surgical facelift It is an operation to remove age-related changes of face and neck tissue.

Non-surgical lifting   - "Lift" the skin tissue of the face and neck by different non-surgical techniques. It is this type of lifting hardware method miolifting cosmetology.

Miolifting   - A soft "lift" the skin and muscles using micro-combined with special cosmetics (rich collagen, vitamins).

Mesotherapy   - Is the procedure of microscopic doses of the active substances (drugs based on natural, vitamins) under the skin is very thin needles with a view to targeting of drugs to a specific area. Mesotherapy is used to remove stretch marks and scars, cellulite resorption, the treatment of acne and hair loss, improve overall skin structure.

Mesolifting   is a cosmetic method of "lift" on the basis of facial mesotherapy procedures.

Dermabrasion   - A process that allows you to remove the surface layers of the skin by mechanical means (with scrubs). This procedure improves the appearance of the skin, as well as eliminating its irregularities.

Microcrystalline dermabrasion (Microdermabrasion)   - Is a gentle method of skin resurfacing layers using abrasive action of microcrystalline alumina powder. This procedure improves the structure of the skin and rejuvenates it.

Liposuction   - Vacuum surgical procedure to remove excess fat after mechanical or ultrasonic disruption.

Pressure therapy (pnevmomossazh, pressomassazh)   - The impact of the procedure on the lymphatic system of compressed air through the corsets, which is dosed computer. It recommends a procedure to treat cellulite, improve skin elasticity, and is also used in special programs of rehabilitation after liposuction.

Cryotherapy - A method of treatment using the cold, usually liquid nitrogen. It is used to remove warts, the treatment of acne and various skin diseases.

Cryomassage   a massage using liquid nitrogen. This massage is required when a problem or aging skin.

Lymphatic drainage
  - Method of cosmetology, aimed at the treatment of aesthetic problems (cellulitis, edema, obesity), related to violation of water balance of tissues. This method allows a consistent rhythm by stimulating muscles to improve the movement of lymph and excrete the stagnant fluid, toxins and fat degradation products. This method is included in all anti-cellulite programs, contributing to the transformation of the figure.

Brossazh - Gently cleanses the procedure to remove the horny scales of the skin by means of mechanical action of rotating brushes (brush peeling) and special exfoliating creams, peels (brush peeling).

Desincrustation   - A cosmetic procedure performed using electroplating, t. E. Dissolution and removal of the secretion of the sebaceous glands of the excretory ducts. "Russian" - is a deep pore cleansing of fatty traffic jams and pollution.

Hair removal - Cosmetic treatment of hair pulling with a special tweezers, chemicals (for example, epilinovy ​​patch), X-ray irradiation. The most lasting effect gives the electrolysis, using which the hair growth stops. In other types of hair removal hair growth is gradually recovering.

Electrolysis   - Kind of hair removal in which a needle electrode destroy hair follicles, resulting in hair growth stops.

Laser hair removal   - Kind of hair removal based on the defeat of the hair follicle in the active phase of hair growth using a beam of a ruby ​​laser.

Photoepilation   - A hair removal method using a specially focused beam of visible light penetrating to different depths and removes hair at any stage of growth.

Plastiotermiya   - A procedure using a modeling mask with thermal effect (a mild heat), which improves blood circulation and stimulates the biological functions of the skin.

Thalassotherapy - A set of procedures using seafood. The complex includes a warming massage, body wrap, overlay masks and compresses. Thalassotherapy is good for cellulite and obesity.

Now, procedures and methods of cosmetic products with the "scary" names do not scare the beautiful half of humanity, but on the contrary, do their noble cause - to fulfill the dream of women to be beautiful and modern lady.

Dreamlike beauty and eternal youth to you!
Author: Anastasia Raikov