10 tips to make Smokey Eyes even better
 This style eye makeup artists called the "little black dress" in makeup. As the eternal creation of Coco Chanel, smoky eyes - a detail that just makes any woman sexy, flirty and very attractive. Although spring makeup smoky eyes we almost did not see, but for the holidays, for outputs and receptions, they are simply irreplaceable. Here are the new advice on how to make Smokey Eyes even more professionally.

1. Prepare the eye. Better make-up "from scratch" rather than repaint or dokrashivat what is already there. So the first tip - prepare a "canvas". A thorough makeover with modern means possible. Use eye make-up remover wipes (cotton balls leave marks) and your makeup remover eye.

2. Use a primer. It is better to put a base on the eyelid all, it is especially important for the makeup style Smokey Eye, because you will have a smooth matte finish. Good coverage will also make-up last longer, do not crumble and does not spread, and will eliminate the unnecessary lines and wrinkles.

3. To work, you must have sufficient color palette of shades from one brand. So they will be more easily with each other and corresponded shade. You can make Smokey Eyes of any color: black, brown, silver and gold. But the main secret - is to have a gradient from light to dark, and so you can only provide a good range of different shades. For example, if you make black Smokey Eyes, you need the dark black shadows, black light, a pair of gray shades as well as white or silver.

4. Good eyeliner - is half the battle. If no more. We advise you to use a pencil, preferably with a cream or gel formula. Liquid eyeliner is too dry quickly, it does not suit us, because we will need shading circuit. Use a pencil we draw the outline on the upper eyelid (on the lash line), on the lower eyelid, and fully describes the inside of the eyelid lash. But fear not, if the line is imperfect, after you fix it with the help of the shadows.

5. Need some makeup brushes of good quality. You need a square brush for shadows, mid-sized brush to smooth the boundaries of color, pencil shading brush lash line and fluffy brush for bright colors.

 10 tips to make Smokey Eyes even better

6. Mix, mix and mix again. The boundaries of color shade fluffy brush, and the color Apply a small brush in a circular motion, as if drawing the smoke. Before embarking on a new color, be sure to clean the brush from the remnants of the old, making a few brush strokes on the back of his hand.

7. As light color shade, take a little lighter than your natural skin tone under the eyebrows. Broad brush put light tone (it may be a light powder), slightly overlapping the fold of the upper eyelid.

8. Apply the powder to highlight the eyes. Well suited texture glowing with sparkling particles. Be sure to apply a little powder under verznee eyelid and over the top, as it were, to lift the eyes, that they were not sunken.

9. Be careful with mascara. Especially on the lower lashes. Often it is there it is - the cause of dark spots under the eyes. Therefore, on the lower lashes can never put the ink, and it is better to use high-quality waterproof mascara. As for the upper lashes, then it is better if they are well podkrucheny and dyed. So try to find a suitable ink, gives volume and bending simultaneously.

10. Do not forget about the other facial features. Blush and bronzovaty shade of powder and lip - neutral and dull: pink, beige, light brown - these shades should be fine.

And remember that there is one only true makeup Smokey Eyes, each will have its own color, its scale, its intensity. Like the little black dress - there is not one at all.

Author: myCharm: Julia Gnedina