Avon is a new cream for all age groups ANEW «Ultra-powered"
 In the laboratory, Avon created a cream base skin care ANEW «Ultra-food" suitable for all ages.

In the conditions of modern life skin needs daily nourishment and protection from external aggressions. Formula ANEW «Ultra-food" successfully copes with such problems, saturating the skin with nutrients due to the complex NUTRI-3x OMEGA, containing natural OMEGA 3, 6 and 9 acids which deeply nourish the skin, stimulates the synthesis of lipids and restore the natural protective function of the skin.

"Balanced content of different unsaturated fatty acids in the line Anew« Ultra-Power "allows you to restore and strengthen the barrier function of skin, improve its protective properties, to normalize the production of macromolecules of the dermis and, as a consequence, makes the skin smooth and supple due to natural recovery" - Says a leading expert AVON Svetlana Kovaleva.

 Avon is a new cream for all age groups ANEW «Ultra-powered"

The line of skincare ANEW «Ultra-food" includes two types of cream:

• Cream ANEW «Ultra-feeding. Light texture "- for normal, combination or oily skin;

• Cream ANEW «Ultra-feeding. Intense care "- for dry or very dry skin.

The product will be available 10.21.2014


Face Cream "Ultra-feeding. Intense care "- 350 rubles.
Face Cream "Ultra-feeding. Light texture "- 350 rubles.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova