Competition patchwork on «Dreams loskutnitsy"
 Handmade Community together with internet-shop of fabrics for crafts, design and patchwork "Textile fantasy" invites you to take part in the competition patchwork "loskutnitsy Dreams"!

It is said that life is like a zebra,
Black-and-white series of
Days go by, weeks go
Years carrying with them.

Not for loskutnitsy
Striped life running.
Instantly paint the baggage
Dullness of everyday life in vivid color!

Scraps, scraps - seemingly quite unsuitable for nothing
pieces of tissue. But in the hands of a creative person, even the most
small and nondescript piece of cloth becomes part of the color palette. Things in the technique of patchwork always original.

To take any work in the technique of patchwork.
Interior items, clothing, accessories, toys, various useful things,
any product, made of rags.

The winners are determined by audience vote

The winner, who took first place in the voting
will receive a prize in the amount of 4,000 rubles. from the online store for needlework fabrics

 Competition patchwork on «Dreams loskutnitsy"
Best selection of beautiful and high-quality fabrics
Handicraft, design and patchwork

cotton and linen

Delivery to any
regions of Russia and CIS countries

Dates of competition:
Acceptance of works - February 19 - March 19, 2011 (24:00 GMT)
Obscheforumnoe vote - 21-25 March 2011 (24:00 GMT)
Announcement of results and awarding the winners - 27 March 2011.

Detailed terms and conditions of the competition - t = 15753.

 Competition patchwork on «Dreams loskutnitsy"

Author: Olesya Mironenko