Emirates Flight attendants shared their secrets of beauty in flight
 Flight attendants have to look in flight at 100%. And in some campaigns appearance workers given special attention, for example, in such luxury as Emirates. Stewardesses Emirates opened their beauty secrets.

First of all, flight attendants recommend passengers to use cosmetics plant-based, that is able to protect and moisturize the skin during a long flight. Emirates flight attendants themselves using mineral makeup, which controls the oiliness of the skin and corrects the color.

They also recommend the removal of make-up that do not contain alcohol, and during the flight, use a hydrating mask for the face. Also, you need to constantly apply lip balm and lip gloss that's best left to walk the earth!

Before boarding the flight attendants recommend the use of the road for a small cosmetic beauty treatments, namely, peeling, moisturizing cream for the face and Eye Gel.

 Emirates Flight attendants shared their secrets of beauty in flight

The crew Emirates also regularly uses the whey for eyelids against fatigue, reflective concealer under the eyes and tinted moisturizer.

For hair care during the flight, flight attendants recommend using wooden combs that remove static electricity. For the same purpose can be divided into the hair a little water, hand cream and lip gloss.

To prevent dehydration of the skin, it is recommended to drink plenty of water as well as fruit and vegetable juices (especially good effect cucumber!). Coconut water - must-have for long flights. A coffee drink and, on the contrary, cause dehydration and as a result, dry skin.

It should not be applied before the flight waterproof mascara, because it tends to drain the eyelashes.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova