Fighting cellulite: Expert Advice
 So, before the beach season just two months. You certainly want to make in the mirror pleased you smooth skin and taut form. But do not use the entire arsenal of cosmetic procedures, first let us look at the existing information about cellulite. Where the myth, and where the truth?

Comments from the expert
Biryukova Anna
Brand Director, Brand Cosmetics & Luxury
  Zepter International RUSSIA

MYTH 1.   Cellulite - is a consequence of hormonal changes the body. Fighting with him is useless.

True:   In fact, several reasons for the appearance of cellulite: hormonal changes in the body, poor diet, lack of exercise, bad habits (smoking, alcohol), stress, antibiotics, food preservatives. But if there is a problem, there are also the solution. I share the anti-cellulite techniques at home and cabin. In severe cases, use techniques such as purgation, hormone treatment, liposuction.

MYTH 2.   "Orange peel" may indicate a health problem. Before you make an anti-cellulite massage, you should consult a dermatologist.

True:   "Orange peel" characterizes the third stage of cellulite when it is impossible not to notice. Fat deposits break circulation, impair nerve endings, which is why the skin loses its sensitivity. He suffers even muscle tissue that thickens and loses its ability to contract naturally. This stage of cellulite is a problem - diet, lymphatic drainage and anti-cellulite cosmetics will not solve it. To achieve a significant effect, and restore normal metabolism of the skin, it is necessary to destroy fat.

It is worth remembering that the process of anti-cellulite massage body is exposed to a fairly strong influence, so he has contraindications. These include the violation of the integrity of the skin in the area of ​​massage, varicose veins, bleeding disorders, intolerance to the components used in the procedure, pregnancy.

MYTH 3.   Cellulite - the only problem is full of women.

True:   It is not always "orange peel" is adjacent to the completeness, although in women with excess weight it is stronger and more noticeable than in lean.

MYTH 4.   According to the laws of nature, cellulite - it is purely a women's issue.

True:   The statement is not true. Many men do not know firsthand what the "orange peel" on the abdomen, back, hips. Recent studies in this area have shown that cellulite is increasingly threatened by the representatives of the stronger sex, who have reduced levels of male hormones. They are really a minority, but they have, and cellulite for them is a serious problem.

MYTH 5.   Contrast procedures (sauna, hot - cold pool) - the best prevention of cellulite.

True:   One of the most effective ways to boost immunity, increase efficiency, improve blood and lymph circulation and getting rid of cellulite - contrasting procedures or hardening.

MYTH 6.   Cellulite occurs from excess fluid in the body.

True:   It is caused not just fluid retention - a major cause of its formation. This is not only a cosmetic but also physiological problem. This is a condition in which fat cells are altered "problem areas" are "prisoners" state, the connective tissues have a form of "honeycomb" and not overlap, as in other parts of the body. These cellular tissue filled with fat deposits retard the movement of blood and lymph toxins are filled, which leads to stretching of the skin upwards and outwards, thereby further disrupting the circulation of liquid.

MYTH 7.   Those who exercise regularly, cellulite does not happen.

True:   This statement is untrue. Even those who exercise regularly have problems with cellulite. Physical activity does contribute to the removal of toxins, increase muscle mass and stimulate blood circulation. But by themselves they are not a "panacea" of cellulite.

MYTH 8.   Skinny jeans, leggings and tight belts increase the risk of developing cellulite.

True:   A true statement. The fact that the lymphatic vessels may be damaged when improperly exposed to both inside and outside. Wearing of tight clothing which clings body and bumps in the skin, it causes the fluid accumulates on top of or below the seat circumference. If this continues for a long time, swelling and deformation may take a permanent or irreversible. Moreover, creating the illusion of "compression" problem areas, these garments relax the muscles and eventually reduce their tone.

MYTH 9.   Alcohol and smoking are involved in the process of formation of "orange peel".

True:   Smoking causes such damage to the blood vessels that no exercise will not help to compensate for the damage. Besides nicotine destroys vitamin C and prevents the absorption of treating cellulite nutrients - for example, zinc.
Alcohol is very high in calories and quickly deposited in the body as fat, practically do not use as an energy source. And if you drink alcohol more high-calorie foods, the result does not take long - inefficient work of the kidneys and liver leads to lower output toxins from the body, slowing metabolism, weight gain and the appearance of cellulite.

MYTH 10.   Anti-cellulite creams do not get rid of "orange" - to deal with them need more drastic hardware technology.

True:   If getting rid of cellulite first stage will be sufficient anti-cellulite creams, proper nutrition and physical activity, to cope with the "orange peel", appearing in the third stage, without the power of massage techniques impossible. Yet, when will be able to cope with the most severe symptoms, do not forget about proper nutrition and self-massage anti-cellulite cream. But on the fourth stage of cellulite will only liposuction.

MYTH 11.   Complex anti-cellulite programs help to get rid of cellulite once and for all.

True:   The most effective are complex long-term treatment of cellulite treatment programs based on scientific research and include a combination of body wraps, massages, creams, and drugs to them in addition  diet and more exercise. These programs effectively eliminate the pits and bumps on the skin, helps to correct the shape as a whole, a positive effect on general health and help strengthen the immune system.

Author: Anna Shustrova