How to care for combination skin
 Combination skin - the most common type of skin among women. In caring for her the most important thing - to learn how to choose the right combination of products and care areas of dry and oily skin. As a rule, the T-zone (chin, nose, forehead) enough fat, but there are also very dry areas of the skin (eg, cheeks).

How to care for combination skin

- Use a mild detergent once a day. Avoid tools with abrasive particles, as they will only cause more sebum on the greasy areas, and only dry dry areas. Select detergent in gel form. The feeling of tightness after washing should not be!

- Tint select water-based, no alcohol. It is better if they are to have in the moisturizing ingredients.

- Moisturizer choose is not easy. Someone thinks that for combination skin need to have two different creams, one for oily skin, the other - to dry. Others choose moisturizers for oily and sensitive skin. But the best option - moisturizer for combination skin, oil-free, with plenty of antioxidants, softening effect, water-binding, a SPF is also important.

- Well there are products containing beta-hydro acids. The presence in the cream or serum salicylic acid is desirable. After all, this ingredient exfoliates the skin surface, cleans the pores inside, greatly reducing the chances of spots, blackheads, whiteheads. Best means with salicylic acid applied only to the T-zone, on the cheeks - only if they have spots and pimples.

- Exfoliate with scrubs should be very gentle, not more than three times a week.

- The T-Zone, you can use a mask with clay, dries mask, leave them for 15 minutes and rinse. For the cheeks such masks are too harsh, there is a skin requires moisture.

- Buy every day special absorbent cloth. During the day soak through excess fat around the T-zone. Special blotting paper that works very well because it does not spoil the makeup.

Author: Julia Gnedina