I Moscow International Forum "Culture. A look into the future"
 From 15 to 18 October at the Central Exhibition Hall "Manege" will I Moscow International Forum "Culture. Looking to the future ", organized by the Department of Culture of Moscow.

Forum "Culture. Looking to the future "- an open public project, which will present all the brightest in the Moscow culture in all its areas - theater, film, exhibitions and educational activities. For the professional community of the Forum will be held intense discussion program, including a discussion of the most pressing problems that exist today - the decentralization of culture, the reform of the theater, the development of libraries, museums, parks, access to culture for all categories of citizens, dialogue with the authorities.

For residents of the Forum will be a platform where the 4 days it will be possible to visit all the most high-profile cultural events recently - exhibitions, theater performances, film screenings. For children developed and developing interesting entertainment program. All days in space will work Manezh urban food market, the best publishing houses will present their new products, and museums - a new souvenir products developed based on a study conducted by the Department of Culture of Moscow. The Forum program is very full, here you can spend the whole day - moving from exhibitions to film screenings, from the master class for the most anticipated theatrical premiere.

 I Moscow International Forum "Culture. A look into the future"
  I Moscow International Forum "Culture. A look into the future"

In the night from 17 to 18 October a one of the highlights of the Forum - "Night at the Arena", which will begin large-scale flash mob Yuri Kwiatkowski to continue performance of "Gogol-center" and will end at 3 o'clock concert indie pop group «On -the-go ».

Forum - the first experience of professional analysis and discussion of changes in the capital's cultural environment in recent years, it will form the agenda for further development. In three thematic blocks of the Forum - "Culture and the citizens", "Culture and professionals" and "Culture and the City" - will perform Russian and international experts in the field of cultural and creative industries, the development of territories, marketing, economics and sociology of culture, and others.

"The forum will be central Moscow events of the Year of Culture in 2014 and will bring together more than 25,000 participants from 15 countries of the world. At the Forum we want to show the achievements of the city in the past 3 years and present an updated cultural map of Moscow, and also enable citizens to see the changes that have taken place in the city, learn its advanced features, "- said Minister of Moscow Government, Head of the Department of Culture of Moscow Sergey Kapkov.

 I Moscow International Forum "Culture. A look into the future"
  I Moscow International Forum "Culture. A look into the future"

The Forum of particular interest is the festival program. Manege space will be divided into several zones, each of which will be a place for creative events of different forms and genres. For example, in the Great Hall will host the grand opening of the Forum, concerts parties "Manor Jazz» and the show "The Voice. Kids' play-concert "Sugar" Ivan Vyrypaeva, Conduction screening of the film by Russian director Aleksei Loginov documentary about the famous conductor Teodor Currentzis and more.

The program of the conference room, "Oval" includes performance "Times" Theater of taste, a new play by Dmitry Shapiro On, the play "Frozen laughter" theater "Ballet of Moscow", the stereoscopic dance fashionable St. Petersburg group "Kannon Dance". At the opening stage will be the presentation of large urban projects (Lavka-Lavka, Lambada Market, City Market Food, Stay Hungry and The Heart of Moscow), and in the area of ​​master classes can learn visual merchandising, music, storytelling, cooking, restorations master classes from three institutions: the NCCA, "Arrows" MediaArtLab.

Children in the "Arena" also will not be bored: they are waiting for surprises from the Theatre of the Snark, all kinds of games and quests, journey through the world of occupations Kidburga, presentation of the project of the Darwin Museum "Know yourself - Know the world! "Workshops on DJing and graffiti from the" Hip Hop Academy ", an interactive exhibition" The Island of Discovery "Museum Timiryazev and more.

Throughout the Forum in the area of ​​Urban Art Market will feature trendy gastroformaty from young urban popular teams, as well as collecting a souvenir shop and museum gift shops in Moscow.

 I Moscow International Forum "Culture. A look into the future"
  I Moscow International Forum "Culture. A look into the future"

Website Forum "Culture. A look into the future": www.moscowcultureforum.ru

Events vocational programs are available for registration, registration is open on the Forum website. The festival program is free to visit.

Opening:   October 15 11:00
Time of the Forum:   15 - 18 October, 11.00 - 22.00

Admission is free, visiting professional program registration.

Press Office:   press@moscowcultureforum.ru

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova