Icon style remains unchanged - blond is still relevant
 The company introduced a new collection Schwarzkopf cold light shades of Essential Color and Brillance.

A color preferences are always changing, but the dazzling luxury of bright colors with stunning brilliance cold steel never go out of fashion. The owner of the hair color will invariably attracts the eye of others and become the object of admiration of men.

Marilyn Monroe, Jean Harlow, Grace Kelly - who knows, would become icons of style and they have been able to gain recognition around the world, if not stunning shade of hair - a snowy, sparkling and without a hint of vulgar yellowness. These iconic and luxurious blonde hairstyle forever remain in history.

Times change, but the blonde continued to worship the millions. Fortunately, modern women can acquire and maintain a great light shade of hair. About beauty and uniqueness care company Schwarzkopf, in August 2010, has introduced two new collections for blondes in the lines of Essential Color and Brillance. Never has blond shade was not as rich and fashionable!

Essential Color: Pure Blondie

Essential Color Clean Blondie   - Exclusive kollektspya natural, natural shades, sparkling patches of sunlight thanks to a specially designed Lightening Complex without ammonia. This proof paint allows to acquire a unique shade of blonde to 2-4 shades lighter without harm to the hair.

Secret delikatnorgo impact Essential Color - a unique formula without ammonia paints containing vitamins and natural ingredients - extracts of lychee and white tea. Although respect for the hair, this paint provides a durable result of coloring so beautiful ladies will be able to enjoy the unique shade of his hair for a long time.

Essential Color fashionistas offers three new shades of blonde:

Sunny Blonde   - Showy rich shade, designed for bright and courageous women who are accustomed to stand out from the crowd. This cheerful color, its brilliance reminiscent of the sun's rays to help keep the beautiful blond holiday mood all year round!

Sandy blonde   - Quiet shade that will help to change the image lighter or darker brown-haired. This neutral shade close to natural, will appreciate all the lovers of classic style, daring experiments are not welcome, but loving pampered.

Stylish and attractive, Pearl Blonde   created for those who prefer warmer shades, but not going to abandon the image of the blonde - a stylish and attractive.

Additional charm of this natural light shades give the effect of solar glare and pearlescent, which will make the hair more healthy, attractive, and their owner - nazabyvaemoy!

Brillance: Cold Blondie

New collection of paint Brillance Cold Blondie   It supports the fashion for light shades. Brillance declares war on the hated yellowing effect, sometimes occurs when lightening the hair and interfere with beautiful ladies enjoy blond curls. The special formula resistant inks new collection Brillance Cold Blondie   neutralizes yellow shade during the application and gives the hair a unique color and shine.

Hue North Pearl   - Selection of the proud beauties for which hair color is a continuation of their bright individuality. At any time, this sparkling shade of frosty winters remind and cool the hot temper of countless fans.

A lover of luxury living and splashes of champagne will appreciate the new shade Crystal champagne   - The same clean and natural, like a crystal glass with sparkling beverage.

Hue Cold dark blond   ideal for owners of darker hair, who appreciate naturalness, but want to remain at the height of fashion. Cold dark blond   effectively accentuate the natural color of the hair and at the same time provide its possessor from the crowd, giving it elegance.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Lavrushina Lyudmila