In June, will go on sale bald doll Bratz, Barbie and soon polyseet
 This does not mean that in fashion shaved heads, the appointment of a very different dolls. Bald doll created specifically for children who have had cancer and chemotherapy.

More recently, Barbie doll celebrated its 53 th anniversary. What has not been over the years! Barbie has tried all styles of dress, hairstyle and all the different make-up. She had a lot of different jobs, from nurses to the diver. She even gave birth - was such a doll with overlaid "belly" of the baby that appears. And now ... Barbie may have been ill with cancer and chemotherapy move.

It all began with dolls Bratz, it is often called a girlfriend Barbie. Thanks to the social networking site Facebook was able to collect a lot of supporters of the idea of ​​a bald doll, this idea came to the creators of the doll, the company Mattel, they soon announced, too, via Facebook, that in June will be made doll without hair.

The bulk of the dolls will go to the Children's Hospital and give the girls who have had alopecia (hair loss), after cancer and radiation therapy.

When the doll will be available, each dollar of fees will be sent to help sick children. I must say that the doll would be wonderful, it will be made wigs, accessories, hats, scarves. Everything to teach girls who have had alopecia, live with it on.

 In June, will go on sale bald doll Bratz, Barbie and soon polyseet
Singer Aubrey O'Day in his Twitter calls to buy a bald doll and help the sick baby.

And fans of Barbie dolls in the meantime very much want to, and she supported girls with cancer, and has already launched a campaign to collect signatures in support of the idea. And they say that, perhaps, they will be able to repeat what made fans dolls Bratz. They very much want to Barbie and suffered alopecia.

Author: Julia Gnedina