Make-up artist Naomi Watts revealed her secret of youth
 Abigail James makeup of many celebrities, including Sarah Jessica Parker and Naomi Watts, told Twitter secret of youth and beauty of one of his clients.

Actress Naomi Watts sits on the super-trendy right now alkaline diet. Naomi eats mostly cucumbers, lemon, ginger, celery, apples and a lot of avocado.

However, the makeup artist has admitted that its services by Naomi before going on the red carpet is not refused. Abigail gave her oxygen therapy - a great way to get plump, hydrated and youthful skin.

And to anyone who follows makeup artist gave this advice: "Do not be afraid to peel! After him face great changes! "

And some more secrets from celebrity makeup artist:

- Glowing skin - skin is moisturized. Get plenty of hyaluronic acid in the care!

- To give the brightness of the eyes, previously put eye cream in the fridge. In the morning, the swelling can put a teaspoon of cold and cool cucumber slices.

- To lipstick remained in place all night, put on lip primer or lip primer, always moisturize lips, and before it exfoliates old toothbrush. Do not go constantly with lipstick, lips let the house breathe. And drink lots of water!

Author: Julia Gnedina