MyCharm.Ru: welcome to the world of beauty!
 We are pleased to announce the launch of a social network myCharm.Ru - a unique project, which is dedicated to the beauty and all that goes with it.

What distinguishes this project from some other? What opportunities it opens? First of all, it should be noted that it is a female band website "Mediafort 'eighth and social network, the creation of which was actively used the successful experience of other projects of the company, and it is a culinary portal, women's social network, social network for writers, a social network for parents, a social network for slim and want them to become, a social network for fashionistas, a social network for truckers Thus, registering on a new project, you become a part of the magic world "MediaFort" and get access to the hottest news and best offers and opportunities from all sites of the media group.

We invite myCharm.Ru everyone who would like to be at the origin of a new social network and affect its development - to come up and run projects to assess cosmetics, comprehend all the wisdom of self-care and make-up. The project provides a unique opportunity - the first to learn about new trends of beauty, to communicate with professionals to get free advice on the creation of individual style, the selection of diets, and cosmetics. You can take free workshops on makeup, manicures, eyelash, tattoos, and then find customers and start earning on their skills. If you have been working in the field of beauty, you can share knowledge in this area.

The site directory will be created with a detailed description of cosmetics funds where the participants will leave truthful reviews of various cosmetic products. Their experience will certainly come in handy when choosing the rest's Skin and makeup. You can also get acquainted with the Overview and participate in testing new products, recently appeared on the market.

And, of course, the project myCharm.Ru invited to participate in contests and quizzes and win prizes - cosmetics, beauty gadgets, salon treatments and other useful and fun gifts.

Join the private club myCharm.Ru   and evaluate the benefits of a new project!

Author: Anna Shustrova