Myths and truth about the baby shampoo
 Choosing tools for hair care of the child, every mother wants it to be not only effective, but also safe and does not cause negative emotions during its use. How to choose a baby shampoo? What to look for? What are the myths and truthful statement?

Baby shampoo can be used from the first days of life: the truth
When choosing a baby shampoo is necessary to remember that it should be suitable for your child by age. Therefore, read the label. If a bottle of shampoo is an indication that it is recommended for use with the first days of life, you mozhetesmelo use this shampoo when bathing a newborn baby.

Baby shampoo dries hair: Myth
Shampoos created for kids, have a neutral level of pH, which promotes sohraneniyui formirovaniyuhrupkogo protective sloyavolos and scalp. The composition of baby shampoo manufacturers include glyceryl oleate - a component that strengthens the barrier function of the skin, softens and promotes effective wetting. This unique component is derived from natural oils and fats. Glyceryl oleate syrovidnoy fully consistent lubrication - creamy substance that covers the skin of the baby at birth. In addition, the component has several advantages:

Baby Shampoo with the formula "No more tears" does not sting the eyes: the truth
Quality and safety standards, "No more slёz®" was developed by "Johnson & Johnson" more than fifty years ago. Meet this standard by all means bathing JOHNSON'S® Baby. It includes numerous preclinical studies all included in the ingredients, either singly or in combination with each other. The special formula in the composition of these funds does not irritate baby's eyes when hit by foam.

Surfactants contained in baby shampoo, unhealthy baby: MYTH
As a mild surfactant in sostavedetskih cosmetics can see the coco-glucoside and cocamidopropyl betaine. This so-called non-anionic substance of surfactant substances (surfactants). When combined with water, surfactants provide cleaning large particles (micelles), which are less damaging to the skin, while providing the most careful removal of contaminants. Coco-glucoside can be attributed to one of the soft component, which helps to remove dirt and soft foam. In addition, it is perfectly softens, protects and smoothes the skin. Ingredient prepared from detergent (detergent), starch and coconut oil, which leads to its good skin tolerance baby.

Means "From head to toe," suitable for bathing, cleansing your baby, and for washing hair: TRUTH
The tool has a unique formula and composition that allows, if necessary, use them on a daily basis, how to wash your hair and to gently cleanse baby's delicate skin during washing and cleaning the first days of life.

Baby Shampoo Hypoallergenic: TRUTH
Baby shampoos yavlyayutsyagipoallergennymi, if indicated on the package. Podtverzhdeniemgipoallergennosti serve large-scale testing of products to market, as well as numerous clinical studies with the conclusion of allergists.

If your child has an allergy, you can use shampoos which contain herbal extracts: MYTH
Children with a history of allergy is not advisable to use cosmetics containing herbal extracts and aromatic oils, as there is a risk of intensifying allergies. The components that can cause adverse reactions include calendula, tea tree oil and shea, almond, and others.

Adults can isplzovat baby shampoo: TRUTH
While children should not use cosmetics for adults, adults may well use the children's cosmetics. Moreover, young mothers, even encouraged to use a cosmetic with the baby, because the likelihood of skin irritation from the children's cosmetics is reduced to zero, since It is hypoallergenic and contains the softest tested for safety komponenty.Krome of light scent of mom is a good association in the child and causes positive emotions while swimming, even in the most troubled and fractious toddlers.

Some adult shampoos are suitable for children: MYTH
Absolutely can not use regular (adult) shampoos for children. They contain harmful substances for the child, can harm not only the scalp, but the baby's health in general. These components can be harmful otnestiParabeny. This parahydroxybenzoic acid esters (methyl, ethyl, propyl, butyl, isobutyl parabens, phenoxyethanol). They are used as preservatives, i.e. their function - to prevent the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. Popular parabens made their low cost. But the reverse side of these economies is their high toxicity and allergenicity. Especially, they have a negative effect on the skin prone to allergies.

Expert commentary, Karavaeva Anna Leonidovna, neonatologists, junior researcher Branch newborn Department of Pediatrics and Neonatology FGBU NTsAGiP them. Kulakov, a member of the expert council JOHNSON'S® Babu:   "Bathing and shampooing -very important hygienic procedures that are necessary for each child. The head of the baby is necessary to wash every day, at the end of the swim, because kids onasilno sweats and using cleansing gel foams or shampoos - 2 times a nedelyu.V summer more frequently if necessary, after bathing the baby's hair must be wet towel. Newborn is recommended to wear a cap or hat knitting for 5-10 minutes. Baby hair thinner and dry quickly. In order not to injure the delicate hairs avoid using a hair dryer.

Choosing any baby vehicle, including baby shampoo, remember that the tool should approach the child in age, should not contain strong aromatic and coloring substances, should not contain skin-irritating ingredients such as sodium lauryl and laureth sulfate, propylene glycol, parabens, etc. .Otdavat preference sredstvamteh only firms that are proven and there are in the market for a long time. "

Author: Anna Shustrova