Natalia Cherkasova, an expert on ARTISTRY color cosmetics in Russia, will answer the questions of the portal
 Natalia Cherkasova - a leading Russian expert on makeup and makeup, world class professional. Since 2008 he is an expert in the field of decorative cosmetics company ARTISTRY ™ Amway. We have the opportunity to talk with the award-winning specialist in makeup. You are interested?

In the comments to this post, you can post your questions to Natalia, they will help us during the interview. The questions we have only a week, and it is clear we need a lot to ask Natalia Cherkasova before the onset of spring heat.

Which products make up for the spring of this year can be considered a must-have, what novelties do not miss what the differences spring make-up ... On this and many other things, we learn "firsthand" from Natalia Cherkasova. Ask your question!

Natalia Cherkasova
Expert ARTISTRY ™ color cosmetics company "Amway", a leading makeup artist, world class professional

Member of the organizing committee of the Russian Week of prêt-à-porter, member of the selection committee of the Competition of young designers, organized by the Foundation "Russian Silhouette" Tatiana Mikhalkov, head of the organizing committee of the Moscow International Championship makeup.

 Natalia Cherkasova, an expert on ARTISTRY color cosmetics in Russia, will answer the questions of the portal

Professional activity:

• 1989 - 1993 - Director and teacher of the first Russian school of make-up artists "Ma'am"
• 1993 - 1997 - the art director of Italian cosmetic brand «Jean Klebert», school teacher makeup artists «Jean Klebert» Bologna (Italy)
• 1997 - present time - founder and director of the Moscow club make-up artists "Forum" - the largest school in Russia, make-up artists

She has experience working with leading cosmetics brands: Guerlain, Dior, Givenchy, Clinique. For several years, Natalia is an expert in decorative cosmetics ARTISTRY ™ company "Amway".

He has extensive experience in the fashion-industry. The team make-up under her leadership has traditionally operates at Russian Fashion Week, Moscow Fashion Week, as well as the Fashion Week in Moscow. In the framework of Russian hits Natalia worked with fashion houses such as Christian Dior, Armani, Versace, Yohji Yamamoto, Fendi, Sonia Rykiel, Laura Biagotti, Jean Louis Scherrer.

He takes an active part in television projects: headed the art department of the TV channel RTR, was co-host of the "Beauty and Style" on NTV acted coach makeup stylist television reality show "You are - a supermodel" on the STS, a frequent guest of various shows and TV programs.

Interview with Natalia Cherkasova, in which she answered most of your questions, please click here - id = 3509.

Author: Julia Gnedina