New program for needlewomen "Beads with MyJane"
 The "Beads with MyJane" designed to create patterns for the beads of the available images (photos). The program is designed for a wide range of fans of beads, but it will be of particular interest to those who have not yet reached their peaks in this fascinating, but not a simple matter.

"Beads with MyJane" automatically converts the image into the scheme, taking into account the said beads color palette selected format and design ("loom", "brick", etc.). Perhaps the independent creation and design "from scratch." The resulting circuit design can be viewed on screen, export it to PDF (Adobe Reader) for later printing or distribution and display as an image file (jpg, png, bmp).

 New program for needlewomen "Beads with MyJane"

For more information about the new program, see here:
At the same link, and you can download it.

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Author: Julia Gnedina