New Winter 2014 from VICHY: filler to fill in wrinkles
 VICHY Innovation Lab are: Liftactiv Advanced - filler, fill wrinkles. The first correction is expressed and even vertical folds in just one month, due to a combination of active anti-aging ingredients.

Intensive smoothing - clean Retinol 0, 2%
- The highest concentration of retinol cosmetic care for daily use
- Wrinkle on the entire surface of the face
- Updating the layers of the skin

Biological injection - a molecule LR2412 2%
- The first anti-aging ingredient that stimulates the production of own hyaluronic acid
- Hydrates the skin, like a filler, pushes the wrinkles from the inside

Additional components:

It accelerates collagen synthesis, improves blood circulation, is involved in the process of cell regeneration.

It provides intensive hydration of the skin, accelerates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, thus giving firmness and elasticity of the skin.

one of the most highly mineralized in France. Included in its composition, minerals and trace elements having hydrating, restorative and soothing effect on the skin.

 New Winter 2014 from VICHY: filler to fill in wrinkles

Recommendations for the use of funds Liftactiv Advanced

1.   The skin should get used to the action of the formula. Retinol - one of the most effective anti-aging ingredients, the skin can react to it in the first application (redness, tingling). When the discomfort of such a product, use 1 every 2 days until the skin gets used to the action of Retinol.

2.   Apply 1 time a day. In the morning or in the evening, using a 1-minute massage technique specified on the product packaging.

3.   Apply a dot or wrinkles all over the face, avoiding the eye area.

4.   Using the mean retinol increased skin sensitivity to sunlight. Be sure to use before going out funds with the factor SPF of at least 15 (sun care, foundation, BB cream).

The average price on the shelves of pharmacies - 1800 rubles.

The tool will be available in December 2014

Author: Anna Shustrova