RoC Deep Wrinkle Filler - filling wrinkles instant action
 Professional cosmetologists five leading Moscow beauty salons tested the product for 1 week. Their expert opinion confirms: RoC Deep Wrinkle Filler reduces wrinkles by 30%, without injections.

Catherine Nedueva, beauticians, Cloud-Studio:
Correction of deep facial wrinkles in the forehead area, nasolabial folds, and around the eyes occurs immediately after the application of funds, and in the first days of use, the achieved result "holds" for at least a week. Apply it, I would advise in small quantities and on a well-cleansed skin peeling.

Eleanor Oleshchenko leading beauticians, Camille Albane:
This tool is perfect for daily home care as prevention of wrinkles for youthful skin, deep wrinkles correction and extension activities injections and other salon treatment for mature skin.

Jeanne Yusupov, PhD, researcher GNTSLM Ministry of Health, the surgeon, the doctor-dermatologist, Spa-Palestra:
I would recommend it for home use as self-care, or in addition to the regular daily care. RoC Deep Wrinkle Filler sostavitprekrasnuyu alternative to expensive cosmetics, and at a younger age - and aggressive surgical methods of correction of wrinkles.

Valery Bazhenov, a leading cosmetologist, training manager, Jean Louis David:
Like texture means that is easy to apply, absorbs quickly and is perfectly combined with the means to use other brands.

Galina Korneev, dermatologist, Dessange:
The effect of RoC Deep Wrinkle Filler is visible immediately after application: skin becomes smooth and even acquires a lighter shade, which makes it vizualnomolozhe and fresh. The most pronounced effect is achieved already at 2-3 day when using the 2 times per day.

Scientific approach RoC - Technology fill deep wrinkles:

 RoC Deep Wrinkle Filler - filling wrinkles instant action

The fragmented hyaluronic acid   Due to the small size of the molecule penetrates the upper layers of the epidermis, filling the space with moisture and providing a "pushing" the wrinkles from the inside.

Polymer base   homogeneous powder comprises particles having reflective properties. Spread evenly over the skin, they create an optical effect of "leveling" of wrinkles immediately after application tools. The mechanical components of the filling of wrinkles foundations evens skin microrelief and makes even less visible wrinkles.

Optical modifiers Soft Focus   with mineral content distributed on the skin and mask wrinkles due to the effect of dispersion of the light rays.

RoC Deep Wrinkle Filler:
• It has a smoothing effect, reduces wrinkles
• Due to the packaging in the form of a syringe dispenser is ideal for the correction of wrinkles located in the forehead, eyes and nasolabial triangle
• Apply locally to wrinkles
• Does not contain artificial colors and fragrances
• Can be used, if necessary, several times a day, even on the makeup *

* not recommended to use liquid foundation just after the application of the tool

Recommended retail price:   1375 rubles.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila