The Blitz-Contest "5 reasons to smile" on
 The smile will all not only lighter, but also warm, we are sure! What makes you smile - especially in autumn, when everything around is gloomy, gray and cold? From what are you smile and to whom? Maybe that's you own special secret to smile early autumn morning?

Tell us about your reason to smile - that makes you smile, or when it is impossible not to smile. As well as photographs illustrate your answer and win one of three prizes from Colgate-Palmolive. Each kit includes:

- Innovative Colgate toothbrush with natural extracts of pine. The extract of pine contained in the nylon-based bristles which are fixed into tight bundles of toothbrush to remove all plaque and gingival health;

- Rinse and Colgate toothpaste Altai grass with chamomile, mint and sea buckthorn with effective fluoride and calcium to strengthen teeth and gums healthy;

- Shower Gel Palmolive «Altai Herbs" and deodorant Lady Speed ​​Stick «Altai freshness";

- Teapot and a set of three kinds of herbal tea Altai.

 The Blitz-Contest "5 reasons to smile" on

The Blitz-Contest is held from 8 to 22 October 2014 inclusive.

Take part in competition and win prize from Colgate-Palmolive & gt; & gt; & gt;

Author: Anna Shustrova