The contest "Once on the road ..." on
 Dear, dear, do you know so much
On such a difficult life.
The road, the road, there is not much,
We'll be back home!

The road is different - standard, from home to work, bored to the soreness of the mouth; in a favorite place - with anticipation, joy and sometimes sadness; to his home - with trepidation and a sense of transition in childhood; The road, yes, with a capital letter - to the achievements or changes in life ... And yet it is urban roads in the villages, the mountain, with holes / potholes and, on the contrary, smooth, easy to feel that you fly over it.

It takes any time in our way, or, on the contrary, gives a feeling, experience, knowledge? And you tell me about it. This contest is for those who can not imagine life without roads, travel, who know how to find this interesting, funny, and what I would like to tell others.
And prizes will delight fans to travel by car - video recorders from Mio .

What do I need to participate in the competition? Being user, write a story about the bike trip, preferably small and placing it in a special section of articles "Travelling around the world. Once on the road. "

The winner will receive from the Mio - the world leader in navigation devices MiVue DVR 528.

 The contest "Once on the road ..." on

MiVue 528 will be your constant companion on the road, combining optimal functionality with traditional laconic for the company Mio design. The quality and sharpness of the image, as well as all devices Mio, traditionally on top. The DVR is equipped with a sensor with a resolution of 3 megapixels and a bright lens with aperture f / 1.8, and, of course, video recording Full-HD resolution. Built-in battery allows you to record what is happening inside and outside the vehicle, and the motion sensor will be a reliable witness in the parking lot. The DVR has three shooting modes: continuous, event and manual.

The prize for second place - MiVue 518.

 The contest "Once on the road ..." on

MiVue 518 not only shoots video in Full-HD resolution (1080p), but also equipped with a GPS receiver. Chip matrix and aperture optics MiVue 518 inherited from the older brothers in the model range, thus achieving natural color rendition, high clarity and detail video. The viewing angle of 130 degrees will help to fix everything that happens on the road.

And the user, who took third place will be awarded DVR MiVue 508.

 The contest "Once on the road ..." on

MiVue 508 records video in Full-HD resolution, allowing you to maximize image detail and built-in battery allows you to record what is happening inside and outside the car. A useful option is the recording shock sensor.

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Author: Anna Shustrova