The success of Botox in treating migraine headaches somewhat exaggerated
 In April 2012, Botox marks exactly 10 years! New studies indicate that Botox is not as successful in the treatment of headaches and migraines, as previously assumed. Moreover, there are also side effects of Botox - writes Reuters Health.

As you know, the invention of Botox were delighted not only those who are obsessed with the fight against wrinkles. Injections of botulinum toxin A is used to prevent excessive sweating and to treat migraine headaches.

However, recent studies of American scientists show that the effect of the treatment of migraine is not as significant to talk about Botox as a medicine for this disease. Judge for yourself, patients injected with Botox for migraine headaches, had very modest results in the reduction of pain. For example, those who experience a month of the order of 18-20 migraines, reduced the number of migraines only 1-2. And those who have migraines a month 5-6, and all were in his way.

In addition, marked by certain side effects of injections. Muscle weakness was observed in 9 times more frequently in patients who were treated with Botox. There were also complaints of pain in the neck and back. It is also important that the cost of the drug is rather high - $ 1,000 per dose for chronic migraines. All this casts doubt on the ability of Botox advertised earlier in the effective treatment of migraine.

Author: Julia Gnedina