THERME is Whipped Body Butter "Thalasso"
 THERME - world of luxury care products for the body from the Netherlands! Spa treatments exotic countries have become the main idea for the creation of funds of this brand. Brand experts traveled the world in search of natural ingredients and care programs to create the perfect program funds for professional spa treatments at home.

Products THERME have unique soothing aromas, thanks to which the procedure bathrooms are a delight.

The funds are rich in natural active ingredients have a beneficial effect on the skin and is ideal for even the most sensitive skin.

As part of the resources of salt and seaweed seas and oceans!

Atlantic Ocean and the Dead Sea are rich sources of minerals and algae. These substances are very useful for the skin, as well as playing an important role in maintaining the overall health of the body and good physical shape! Algae and minerals stimulate blood circulation, provide quick removal of toxins.

One and a super brand means - Oil beaten body Thalasso - Thalasso Body Butter .

 THERME is Whipped Body Butter "Thalasso"

Body oil enriched with moisturizing minerals and algae from the Atlantic Ocean and the Dead Sea. Kelp - Bladder wrack - provides antioxidant and detoxifying action. It has exceptional moisturizing and nourishing properties. Delicate creamy texture melts into the skin quickly absorbed, leaving the skin incredibly smooth and soft, shrouded in a light aroma of the sea breeze!

It does not contain parabens.

Estimated price: 545 rubles.

Author: Anna Shustrova