Tips from Lena Lenina: what a beautiful woman
 Beautiful woman is smart. And this quality is trained to read-only, and are not necessarily books Lena Lenina, but also books, Montaigne, Seneca or Chesterfield. The latter, incidentally, is not a brand of cigarettes, and the wisest of Lords. Beautiful slender woman. She plays sports and shoves in yourself, in the trash, high-energy, full of preservatives and any of inorganic chemistry, products, people started to fill, garbage dumps and billions account holders fast food companies.

Beautiful woman raised .  She was not offended by her husband in the presence of strangers and not publicly scolds her child .  And even more so, it is not engaged in physical abuse .  Not to mention the fact that it owns and etiquette, going to the bathroom, do not turn loin neighbors at a table in a restaurant, at the risk of them sit in a bowl .  Beautiful woman is independent and financially independent and not humiliated, standing on the porch, with his hand out in front of her husband, begging for his boots .  A beautiful woman does not abuse makeup and painted to emphasize the advantages and disadvantages to adjust and not look like an Indian warrior .  Beautiful well-groomed woman .  She knows where Novocheremushkinskaya c-club SPA is the best masseurs in Moscow and is familiar with the fractional laser technology rejuvenation and tricks such as Future pro-correction there in Bontabelle .  Beautiful woman knows that you need to wash your hair every day, and for the active hormone production in men standing close by makes this shampoo with aphrodisiacs Lovely Lena Lenina co-production with Egomania .  And once again we are talking about me, let me remind of my network and nail that truly beautiful woman knows that a man first of all pay attention to quality grooming handles .  Well-groomed woman smells perfume factory not as one in ten in the street, and skillfully uses a unique blend of essential oils .  Beautiful woman wears five finger on your hand as a Soviet barmaid and prefers aristocratic pearls in a practical way .  Beautiful woman also patriotic and has a taste for the design, so it is not released many millions of copies, pressed products in China Western brands, and supports the economy of our brilliant jewelers who make masterpieces in a single copy .

In general, a beautiful woman is smart, educated, well-groomed, slim, and most importantly, good and generous and would not write anonymous envious comments on this text.

Source: Press Service of Lena Lenina

Author: Anna Shustrova